Nobody Knows

Natasha Kendallson is a 16 year old girl, she is a depressed high school student due to bullying and family issues. She had her high school friends but they have no idea whats going on. It's only when a tall boy with brown luscious curly hair and breathtaking green eyes comes and changes


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I took Destiny into my room and we sat on the carpet "So.... Whos the guy?!" Destiny squealed excitedly "No one... You must have been seeing things" I answered looking at my feet "I know when your lying Nat" Destiny moved closer to me laughing. "Oh alright! So... Theres this guy" I started then stopped quickly regretting I gave in to Destiny.

The thing with Destiny was that once you gave her the gossip of the day, she would honestly not stop talking about it and then she would get in trouble. "We just waved and said hi" Destiny frowned "Is... That all?!" I tried my best to pull on a big fake smile "Yeah.... That's all" instantly Destiny forgot about it and pulled out her homework book out of her bag "Um so what are we exactly studying on.." I then skipped to my desk and grabbed my own homework book "Solar system" Destiny nodded and we both started to work away at our books.


I let go of my pen "My hands are going numb Des" I complained "Mhm" she replied obviously in her own world "Des how about we take a break and go to the park?" I said slowly like a mother talking to a six year old. I took the pen out of her hand and she looked up at me distantly "Wha- What?" she stuttered "Ugh come on were going to the park im stuffed!"

Destiny nodded and we both chucked our jackets and converses on and trotted quickly down stairs and safely past my mum and her gambling mates in the backyard.... So embarrassing. We finally got outside and started to walk down the path "Nat.. Why don't you ever let me meet your mum" My eyes widened as we turned another corner and the whole park came into view.

"You have no choice... I mean shes never home.." I stated "But... I heard adults laughing In the backyard... I feel like your trying to get me away from her" I lowered myself onto a swing and started to push my self back and forth into the air "No..." Suddenly a car pulled up by the park and called Destinys name.

"Destiny honey?! Why are you at the park and not at Natasha's?" It was Destiny's mum. "Mum! Natasha's here! And um am I going home?" The beautiful lady in the car nodded in return. Destiny turned face to face with me "What about your homework book... And your bag" I asked "Ill come get it tomorrow" Destiny quickly trotted up to me and hugged me tight then ran to her mum.

The car soon zipped around the corner and disapeared. I lifted myself off the swing and looked around for something to do. There was a small steep hill just on the side of the park that led into a little forest. I looked around just in case some kind of sico might follow me inside then walked over to it.

I got half way down the hill with my hands tucked in my pockets, something about this place made my stomach churn, It was a reminder of lonliness and depression, and for me, that was not a good sign. My eyes shot to my wrists and i held them tight rubbing the cuts and scars intensly, hissing when they stung. "shuffle shuffle" my eyes shot to the thick bushes splayed around me..

"Hello" I squeaked, my voice getting more and more shaky. I found a thick small branch on the concrete and picked it up and held it tight then slowly walked up to the side of the bush, looking carefully into it. "Hello.." I whispered once again.. "Shuffle shuffle" there was the noise again! But this time it came from in front of me!

Suddenly a pair of hands reached out of the bush and grabbed my body and pulled me through into the trees. I screamed loudly until the person put me down and i got a good look at them "Ha- Harry" I stuttered in shock, "You remember my name!" He said excitedly scratching his head awkwardly "Yeah... You know you could have taken me somewhere else... Other than here" I snapped breaking twiggs off the trees that scraped against my cheeks.

"Sorry.. Its just... I saw your mum..." My eyes widened "Doing what" it was then Harry's turn to widen his eyes "Just smoking, taking drugs and-" I covered my face with my hands and sat on the rough leafy ground. "But... I mean thats cool.." I felt his hand brush on my knee. I looked up at him "How is that cool, thats.... WRONG" i stated "I use to smoke..." I drew circles in the leaves with my foot.

"Oh" "Yeah so about earlier" Harry stuttered "Mhm" "I.... Can we be friends?" I looked deep into Harrys eyes, i had never had a guy friend! Well other than my cousins... The guys at school hated my guts... Probably because all the 'popular' girls pick on me. "I guess so... But im horrible with friendships"

"Join the club" Harry laughed and i laughed along... Maybe this friendship would be great... But then i better not get my hopes up or it might just go down the drain.

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