Nobody Knows

Natasha Kendallson is a 16 year old girl, she is a depressed high school student due to bullying and family issues. She had her high school friends but they have no idea whats going on. It's only when a tall boy with brown luscious curly hair and breathtaking green eyes comes and changes


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

My eyes fluttered open, all the light flooded through the cracks of my eye lids and I squeezed them shut again. After a long sleep in I finally arose, I stretched my arms to either side of me yawning loudly. I then slowly got out of my bed and chose my clothes for the day. It was Saturday (Thank freaking god) I raided my drawers and picked out my floral leggings, my white singlet and my white cardigan, I quickly threw them on and then made my bed and opened my curtains.

When I opened my curtains I looked through my window and then into another window on the other side curiously, I nosily peered through, like always, except the room use to be empty, now It was full of boys crap. I shrugged and grabbed my I pod from my desk and plugged my head phones in and scrolled to my favourite song, I sat on my bed writing in my scrap book and bopping along to the music's beat.

A couple songs went by on my I pod and I finished my writing and I just sat down on my bed looking around my room while listening to the music that was blaring into my ears, suddenly it hit me "If the room next door was full of boys furniture.... Then who is sleeping there?" My eyes flitted to the window and I stared into the next room. I just sat there glaring.

Suddenly a tall boy with curly brown hair came into view. He had no shirt on at all.... I lent on my bed there my mouth gaping wide open, but that wasn't all. The boy turned around and I practically had a heart attack! He had the FULL package, and when I say that I meant: Abs, tattoos, gorgeous tanned skin and his body was beautifully shaped. I lost strength in my arms from the sight and I fell off the bed and slammed my arm on the floor.

"Ouch!" I yelled then quickly covered my mouth, the boy now fully turned around and I saw his face.... It was Harry! He peered through the window confused, Then saw me. I expected him to freak out... Or maybe call me a pervert! But instead he smirked and continued. I stood up and rubbed my arm lightly from the fall, then, my mouth fell wide open as I looked through the window again to see him stripping off naked, I gasped and then sprinted to the window and closed the blinds fast.

My hands shot to my forehead "What... Just happened?" I was tempted to have a tiny peek through the blinds again, but a tiny voice inside of me told me to continue with what I was doing before. From that moment on the time I had spent in my room was very awkward, I was so used to having all my curtains open, and... Getting dressed with them open... Damn it...

A whole hour went by and I finally had the courage to open the blinds again, I sighed in relief as I saw an empty room. I let the light rush into my bedroom and I smiled "Well." Then I spun around and gripped my hands on my hips in happiness, suddenly my cell phone went off. I went to it and checked my message

Destiny: O.M.G why is there a hot boy looking at you through the window on the other side of yours?!

I shuddered at the text and slowly and carefully turned around to see Harry staring at me through the window, Thankfully he was dressed. I walked up to my window and opened it "Um.... Excuse me? Can I help you?" I asked confusingly "Nah.. I'm fine... I just" He stuttered but smirking at the same time leaning through the window looking at me with his green sparkling eyes. "Um.. Well... Uh... Why are you staring at me?" I asked laughing a bit.

"Oh... I like you" I froze there in my spot "You... You... You don't even know me?" I scratched my head awkwardly "Id like to meet you.. Maybe now?" I drew circles in the carpet with my foot. I went to answer his question when I heard someone call me from downstairs "Sis your friend destiny's here!" I looked at Harry "could we continue this later please, I have a friend here over for the day and I just." He smiled at me "Its ok... I can try be patient" and he disappeared somewhere else.

I sucked in a deep breathe... That was so unexpected! I suddenly remembered Destiny is here, and I turned to my bedroom door.

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