Nobody Knows

Natasha Kendallson is a 16 year old girl, she is a depressed high school student due to bullying and family issues. She had her high school friends but they have no idea whats going on. It's only when a tall boy with brown luscious curly hair and breathtaking green eyes comes and changes


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I opened the door to my house. I wasnt satisfied at all at the familar sight. At either side of me lay the washing of last week and yesterday and who knows when, there were broken glass of wine glasses scattered in different parts of the house and the smell of cigarettes filled the air. I tip toed upstairs and silently slipped into my room. I dropped my school bag at my feet and threw myself on my bed.

"Natttttt" I heard the usual drunk voice call to me from downstairs, I really didnt feel like doing anything right now, especially talking to my bitch of a mother. My bedroom door swung open and a wrinkled face popped through with a smoke jammed in between her lips. "Weee have new neiigghhbours" she cooed leaning up against the door. "Mum. When are you going to quit smoking and drinking. and gambling and all the other stuff you said you would quit" I snapped "Hmm?" Miss Kendallson raised her eyebrow "Mum! Opal is sick and you dont give a fucking shit!" Miss Kendallsons eyebrows lowered "Natasha Kenndallllsssoonn stop being a little stuck uppp childdd and goo help the new neeiigghhboursss across the road moove inn" She cooed once again.

"Ugh! Your the worst mum in the world! I hate you!" I flung myself off the bed and stomped past my mum downstairs and through the front door. I heard cars engines on the right side of me, I turned my face around to see a brand new family just arrive. I rolled my eyes and sarcastically laughed, they were going to have a "Jolly" time on our street. Why was it jolly? Oh well... Only because its where all the druggies and dodgey people live. I watched as the family slowly removed from the car, one happy looking mother... One depressed looking father.. And, OH, Oh my.. A really.. Really cute boy...

He had green eyes, brown curly hair and he wore a black rolling stones shirt and black tight jeans. I wonder what age he was.. Suddenly i heard my front door slam shut and my ten year old sister Opal met my side. "Are you helping the neighbours move in?" I asked "Yeah... (Sniff) but then i got to go quickly take my pills" I nodded and we both walked over to the family.

I met the mothers side "Hello.. My name is Natasha and this is my sister Opal.. We were wondering if you needed any help with moving in... Or maybe unpacking" I asked politely, she smiled "That would be lovely" she showed me and Opal to a large truck full of all their belongings, she showed us where to put them "Oh, alright" the mother turned around to leave "Thanks again!" She called. Me and Opal started to pull and heave all the luggage and furniture off the trailer, it was a damn hard job.. But at least it was for the good.

While me and Opal were helping out something just didnt feel right.... I felt like... Like i was being watched. I went to pick up a large detailed mirror from the trailer when i stopped. In the reflection of the mirror there was the boy i saw earlier leaning against the car and just staring at me. I preteneded i never saw him and awkwardly picked the miror up and carried it into the house.

When i turned around to walk back outside i met face to face with the boy. "Um..." I stuttered "Hi.. Thanks for helping" he laughed "No problem.. Any time" I smiled and went to walk away again "Hey! Wait" I spun around again "Whats your name?!" I smiled at the ground "Its Natasha.. Whats yours?" He reached his hand out to me and i did the same and we both shook hands, "Harry" We both released and i waved to him as he turned around and disapeered inside.


When me and Opal finished up i dusted my hands off and we both knocked on the front door, the mother answered "All your furnitue is off the trailer" I huge smile spread across her face "Oh thank you so much! You are welcome to come over anytime you like!" I smiled and we both waved and left... At least one adult respected us..

Me and Opal both went back home and i put her to bed "Sis.." Opal whispered "Yeah?" "Do you think Mum will ever quit?" I looked at my feet a bit ashamed "One day.. One day.." I kissed Opals forehead and walked out of the dainty bedroom.

I walked back down the hallway and into my own room. I slipped out of my day clothes and into my pjs. I climbed into bed and waited patiently for my eyes to close... And surely they did.

********Authors Note**********

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