This story is for about a tomboy Australian girl named Kailyn who is stuck between two. On one hand, she has Niall, her best friend. On the other hand, she has Harry, the new flirt in her class. Who will she choose?


3. The flirt;)

We walked to english together for our first class. This was one of my favorite classes. I sat next to the window, in the second row. After the bell had rung, Mr. Monroe started class. 10 minutes into class and a new face appeared through the doorway with a yellow slip. He had curly brown locks and bright green eyes. He had black skinny jeans and a gray hoodie on. That yellow slip he was holding in his hand meant either he was sent from the office. He gave the yellow slip to Mr. Monroe and he started reading the slip.


    “Well, hello Harry! I’m glad to see you have joined my class! I think I have an extra seat next to Kailyn over by the window,” Mr.Monroe said directing Harry in my direction. I put two fingers up and smiled. He smirked back lifting his lips mainly to one side of his face. Although it was a one sided smirk, he popped dimples on both sides of his cheeks. I was a sucker for dimples. That was when I did a double take on his lean muscular body(I assumed), and realized he was pretty good looking.


    “Hey there gorgeous,” he said with a British accent while putting his stuff down next to me. Oh, so this was his type. A flirt. Well, I guess I can have some fun with that.

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