In The Wilderness

Paris ran away when she was 7. It's been 12 years and nobody has seen or heard of her. They forgot about her existence. But what happens when a when a certain boyband decides to go camping in the same woods she had ran away to. When they see her, All skinny,pale, and scrounging around for food they get concerned. Will Paris accept their help or will she reject like the many times before. Will they boyband help her get away from her past or will they bring the part she never wanted to see again. Will they catch her and try to change her?


7. What

Paris's POV

I tried to run as soon as I realized who they were but they stopped me and dragged me inside. "You have a few friends here Paris." My lunatic mother said. "Nobody even remembers me." I said trying to wiggle out of my father's grasp. "Oh, but they do." She replied. "LET ME GO!" "NEVER!" I finally wiggled out of my father's arms and ran out the door where my kidnappers stood. "Shit." I mumbled in Latin. "Ah ah ah! No cussing allowed!" The blonde one said. How did he know what I said? I ran at the week spot in there group was and when I was running, I realized something. My kidnappers, were the people at my campsite. I ran and climbed a high tree and started throwing daggers at them. I had quite a few left when I stopped and then looked back and realized, I have good aim. I leaped, tree to tree not looking back and soon, I was in a forest I've never seen.


I looked ahead and there was some sort of camp but the camp name was written in Ancient Greek so at first, I didn't understand but then it said, "Camp Half-Blood". I was confused so I ran hoping they would protect me and I ran in and the boys followed me but my parents somehow couldn't get in. I ran till I stumbled upon some man then looked down and noticed, He's half horse. "Help me PLEASE!" I cried to him. "From what?" He asked. Then I pointed to the boys with their blood stains. "Good work boys!" He cried. "WHAT?!?!?" I yelled. They kidnapped me and chased me to bring me to some camp? "These boys saved your life. They protected you from monsters in your woods for years." The horse man said. "Monsters?" "Yes, you are a very powerful being. I can sense it." He replied. I started shaking with fear because I hurt them badly and they were just trying too help me. I suddenly had a voice in my head saying to heal them with water and a song. So I said, "Follow me, I have an idea." They followed me to a creek and one at a time, I sang them a song that just popped up in my head while holding their hands as I touched the water with it and they were magically better. Chiron(The centaur) stared at my in shock. "Come with me." He said quickly after. I followed him reluctantly. He led me to a 4-story house and led me inside to a "Living Room" as that's what it looked like.


He studied my details in silence. I glanced around the room waiting for this awkward moment to end but when I looked back at him, he was in a wheelchair and it kinda freaked me out considering he used to be half horse. "Do you know what a demigod is?" He finally said. "Yes... Why?" "Well demigods usually come here but you're not one of them. You're more powerful then that. I know this because you have grey eyes like Athena, your hair looks like Poseidon's, You know nature songs like Demeter,  charmspeak from Aphrodite, fire hands from Hepeaestus and this list could go on and on but the point is, you have a special ability, talent, or physical feature from all the gods but for now, you will sleep in Poseidon's cabin with Percy Jackson." He said. I nodded and when I stepped outside my brother stood there and I hugged him. "I missed you and sorry for running off." I said. "It's ok as long as I have you now." He replied. 


Then he said he had to go do sword practice and ran off. Some guy that had hair like mine but shorter and sea green eyes walked up and said, "Hi, My name is Percy. Would you like a guide around camp? I hear you'll be bunking with me." I smiled. "Sure." I replied. "I must warn you, I have a half-brother Tyson, and he's a cyclopes. Is that okay?" "Of course! Two brothers is better than just one!" He walked me around camp showing me the climbing wall and shops and weapon areas then a girl with eyes like mine and blonde hair walked up and started talking to Percy. "Hey Percy! Who's this?" "My new bunk mate. She has a few things similar to Poseidon and I but she also has qualities of other gods and goddesses like for instance, she has your eyes." He replied then gave me a hug and kissed his girlfriend Annabeth on the cheek and finished up the tour at our cabin. It was astonishing. I looked around and he told me where to put my stuff and where I would be sleeping. I smiled, "Thanks for the tour!" I said. "No problem! If you want, for your first few days, you could stick with me and my buddies." He offered. "Sure!" Then something went off in the distance and Percy said time for dinner.


He walked me down there and after we ate, Chiron announced that the war games would begin shortly and to go get ready. Percy helped me but I picked out my weapons. I had a shield, a dagger in my pocket and Percy gave me a really cool sword. It was a cute hair clip but if you tapped it once, it transformed into a sword, if you tapped it twice, a spear. I thought it was cool until I saw his sword which I thought was cooler but he said, "If I were a girl, I would have taken that." and it made my day. He helped with my armour straps and got me a helmet. I was going to be on his team with his girlfriend. Chiron announced me to the camp and the team I was opposing started staring at me like I was their new target. I was about to take out my sword and slash them all to death but I forced myself not to. Living in the woods 12 years made me learn to control my actions for the most part. I went back to my team and continued to get evil glares. We were all dismissed to go to our positions and Percy told me to stick with him but I got bored while he was talking so I climbed up high in a tree while I waited and before they started I hopped down and went to the front with Percy and showed off my hair clip to the other team and took out my sword. When Percy charged I climbed up in a tree and hopped tree to tree right above Percy. Someone tried to shoot an arrow at me but they missed big time. I hopped down and landed on my feet because Percy was being attacked so I defended him and picked him up when he had fallen. We ran and I took him up in the trees so we would have a better view and that's when I saw their flag. I tapped on Percy's shoulder and pointed. 


I led him to it staying silent and hidden in the trees. I hopped down but he climbed down and I was about to grab the flag when someone shows up and starts attacking me. I pull out my sword and start to attack back and knock him down with the butt of my sword. I then grabbed the flag and everyone on our team was cheering. I felt proud of myself. Then Percy hugged me and so did Annabeth. It was a great moment of victory.


Hey my little carrots! I hoped you enjoyed this chapter! IT took me about an hour to write and another hour before that to come up with the idea for this chapter so it took a lot of hard work! Hope you enjoy!

~<3Jayde<3~ and REBEKAH!

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