In The Wilderness

Paris ran away when she was 7. It's been 12 years and nobody has seen or heard of her. They forgot about her existence. But what happens when a when a certain boyband decides to go camping in the same woods she had ran away to. When they see her, All skinny,pale, and scrounging around for food they get concerned. Will Paris accept their help or will she reject like the many times before. Will they boyband help her get away from her past or will they bring the part she never wanted to see again. Will they catch her and try to change her?


4. Voices

I woke up next day to their voices, but this time, soft and soothing. I still didn't like that they were here though....  I got up and snuck past their camp and went up to my little stream. I got a quick drink and went through the woods for extra food as Winter was aproching. I herd something rustle in the bushes behind me and thought it was a rabbit so I continued forward towards my cave after gathering as much food as I could. I got back to my cave and closed the entrance with some camo wall I made when I first came here. I unloaded my sac of what I had and I had 18 walnuts, 5 strawberries, 10 grapes(Very rare for the fall), and 2 baskets of mint leaves which I used to trick my stomach into thinking it was full but it wasn't which is how I save my food up. When I ran away, I brought many many containers full of stuff which are now empty that I use to store water in winter. When winter aproches I always fill them up and the other day, when I stole food from the people, I grabbed cups so drinking water from my containers won't be so hard. I went to my stream only bringing a few to fill up and would fill up a few more tomorrow. I did this only a few at a time. I filled up a few and it was getting dark so I thought before I went to bed, I would spy on them and see how they made fires. I got up in my tree and saw they had a special tool and the next time they left I decided I would take one of them.(Because they had a few) I dosed off into a sweet dream after listening to their sweet voices.....


Hey guys! I hope you like it and I have great news..... THIS BOOK GOT AN EARLY ACCESS CODE!!!!! An early access code is where you can read a new chapter before it's published! YAY! the code is:


~<3Jayde<3~ and REBEKAH!!!!!

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