In The Wilderness

Paris ran away when she was 7. It's been 12 years and nobody has seen or heard of her. They forgot about her existence. But what happens when a when a certain boyband decides to go camping in the same woods she had ran away to. When they see her, All skinny,pale, and scrounging around for food they get concerned. Will Paris accept their help or will she reject like the many times before. Will they boyband help her get away from her past or will they bring the part she never wanted to see again. Will they catch her and try to change her?


10. The Pain...


Paris's POV

About a minute of us walking, we ran into our first monster. It was an earthborn. I've never had to actually fight a monster but I managed. I got out my sword and started using the techniques Percy taught me. I tried ducking it's swings but it didn't help it had 3 arms on each side. It swung at me once more but this time it hit me and I have to say... It really hurts when an earthborn smacks you with three arms at once. I fell to the ground with so much pain, but I got strait back up and had a plan. 


I snuck away and got in a tree right above it. I put away my sword and took out my spear. I aimed for the middle of it's head and fired. It stumbled backwards, then disolved into dust. I climbed down carefully and started walking back on course like that was no big deal...Because it wasn't... Then I looked back and realized Leo and Marci weren't moving forwards just staring at my leg. "Come on, we need to mo-" Then I fell to the ground with pain in my left leg. I looked at it and saw it... A huge gash on my leg from my mid-thigh to a little past my knee. I winced as Marci began doing first aid on it with our supplies as Leo fed me a little Ambrosia. It always tastes like good memories, but this time... it tasted like the chicken wings Leo and I shared the day I woke up from my two-three day coma.

It really took the pain off my mind. I felt the warm loving memory like it was yesterday... I watched as Leo stared in my eyes smiling but I knew it was only to distract me... I doubt he liked me the way I like him... 


Leo's POV

I saw Paris's gash on her leg and gasped and stared at it. "Come on, we need to mo-" She said and collapsed to the ground.I ran over to her and Marci started first aid as I fed her Ambrosia. She smiled as I fed it to her. I stared into her eyes with my goofy smile on my face to distract her and she smiled back. "All done!" Marci said. I smiled and helped Paris up. She winced a little as she walked but she seemed fine. Man I love this girl...


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