In The Wilderness

Paris ran away when she was 7. It's been 12 years and nobody has seen or heard of her. They forgot about her existence. But what happens when a when a certain boyband decides to go camping in the same woods she had ran away to. When they see her, All skinny,pale, and scrounging around for food they get concerned. Will Paris accept their help or will she reject like the many times before. Will they boyband help her get away from her past or will they bring the part she never wanted to see again. Will they catch her and try to change her?


14. oooh lala

Paris's POV

I looked at Marci waiting for her to finish her sentence. "I... I... I really like this new kid at camp... His name is... Jeremy. He has blonde silky waves of hair and emerald eyes and the cutest smile. His dad is Hermes." I smiled because I felt like Marci had finally someone she loved instead of just hangin out with me or by herself(Not that I don't like her!). Leo walked out to the truck right as Marci and I finished talking about boys. "What are we talkin about?" Leo said as he opened the door. "Nothi-" Then I looked up at him and saw the blood on his face and the black eye. I gasped. He didn't look like he was hurting but I saw it in his eyes he was in pain. "Let me drive." "No. I need t-" "Leo... Please..." I looked into eyes to get my message across so I didn't have to talk anymore. He nodded in understandment. We swapped places to where I was driving, Leo was in the middle, and Marci sat on the other end. I started up the car and began driving only for Leo to fall fast asleep. I smiled at him and took my eyes off the road and almost hit another car which made me swerve around. I finally gained control again and realized I had woken up Marci. "Sorry Marc!" Marc is her nickname. "It's okay... You want me to drive since I have plenty of sleep?" "You don't have to." "But I want to." It took about two minutes of arguing until I finally gave in. We pulled over and Marci switched places and she drove. It felt nice to have a nice nap cuddled up with Leo. He woke up when he felt Marci and I move so when I sat next to him, I rested my head on his chest and he wrapped an arm around me and that's how I fell asleep... In the arms of my one and only.

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