In The Wilderness

Paris ran away when she was 7. It's been 12 years and nobody has seen or heard of her. They forgot about her existence. But what happens when a when a certain boyband decides to go camping in the same woods she had ran away to. When they see her, All skinny,pale, and scrounging around for food they get concerned. Will Paris accept their help or will she reject like the many times before. Will they boyband help her get away from her past or will they bring the part she never wanted to see again. Will they catch her and try to change her?


12. Nightmare Central

Paris's POV

We were walking. Side by side, hand in hand, at the most beautiful garden I've ever seen. Who you might ask? Me and Leo... I looked at myself to see what I was wearing. A light blue strapless dress with a white shawl and white peep-toe wedges with my hair in a fishtail braid. THESE AREN'T MY CLOTHES! I'm super scared until I see Leo look at me with a calmed expression. Then, he started talking. "You will fail your quest my young one." That was NOT Leo's voice. I pulled my hand away and tried to run, but an invisible force knocked me down. "You can not escape. Give up and we shall leave the one you call Leo alone." "I shall NEVER back down!" "You have been given your last chance. We shall destroy you no matter what it takes now." Then I woke up.

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