In The Wilderness

Paris ran away when she was 7. It's been 12 years and nobody has seen or heard of her. They forgot about her existence. But what happens when a when a certain boyband decides to go camping in the same woods she had ran away to. When they see her, All skinny,pale, and scrounging around for food they get concerned. Will Paris accept their help or will she reject like the many times before. Will they boyband help her get away from her past or will they bring the part she never wanted to see again. Will they catch her and try to change her?


13. Hotel Room

Paris's POV

I woke up in a truck I had never seen before with Leo to my left driving, and Marci to my right sleeping. She was always super quiet since recently... I didn't even know why. Leo looked like he was about to pass out, so when I touched his arm he jumped. "Get off at the next exit." I said sternly. He nodded and got off the Interstate. I made him pull into the closest hotel and get some rest. "Who's truck is this?" I asked as we finished putting Marci to bed. She was still not even half  awake. "I rented it while you were out." He replied crawling under the covers. I was prepared to sleep on the floor as he patted the spot next to him. I got up from my small spot on the floor and crawled under the covers with him.


He wrapped his arm around my waist and drifted off. I laid there staring at the floor, when I heard something going on outside of the door. "Leo... LEO WAKE UP!" I whisper yelled at him. He woke with a startle grabbing the knife on the bedstand next to him even if it isn't his weapon. He jumped up and tiptoed over to the door and looked through the peephole. He walked back to the bed sighing with relief. "Some stupid kid was just playing Ding Dong Ditch." He said looking at the pillow like it was the greatest thing in the world(*Cough**Cough* Me *Cough**Cough*).


I decided to use the toilet so I sat up and walked to the bathroom, but when I walked I thought I heard something but took the idea away from my mind. Right as I was washing my hands, I thought I saw something move in the shower curtain but thought it was only a mouse. WHAT AM I THINKING?!? I'M A DEMIGOD!!! AND THERE IS PROBABLY A MONSTER IN MY SHOWER. I ran back to the bed shaking Leo awake once again. "We have to leave... NOW!" I ran to Marci's bed and did the same thing. I grabbed our backpacks and ran towards the door only for a shadow to emerge from the shadows. 


It was some sort of monster I couldn't see in the dark. I held in my scream. I started thinking on how to get rid of it as it started talking with it's stench filled breath. "My master has sent me here saying a sweet treat would be here, at first I didn't believe here but know your delicious smell is stuck in my brain." I noticed the lights were off so mabey it hated light. I took my hair down from it's ponytail and took out my hairclip. I hid it behind my back and took out my sword. I looked out the corner of my eye at Leo and he smiled. I did the same thing to Marci as the monster lunged at us. I tried swinging my sword but got knocked to the ground. Marci pushed me out of the way or I would have gotten skewered. 


I backed up and pulled Leo with me. You could hear very clearly the sound of Marci's sword clashing against whatever armor the monster had on. I was scared Marci would get hurt,  but she seemed fine. I watched until another monster appeared and started attacking Marci. Since it was dark, I thought I would sneak behind them and get the lights then get them from behind. I snuck in the shadows of the room around the monsters and flipped on the lights, but before I could look at them, they disinegrated. 


"You think we should go now?" Leo said looking at me. "Ummm... Yeah." I replied. I looked at Marci to make sure she was okay and she was except for a small cut on her hand that could easily be healed as soon as we went to the hotel's pool. I grabbed our bags and put them in the truck as Leo checked out at the front. "What's had you so down lately Marci?" I asked her when it was just us. "I can trust you right?" "Of course!" "Well... I've been sad because I have a major crush at someone back at camp and when I see you and Leo together... It makes me wish he liked me back." I looked at her with an "Are you kidding me?" expresion. "You are beautiful,kind, funny, outgoing, and an amazing friend. Whoever it is I promise, is in love with you." "Really?" "Head-Over-Heels." I said. "Who is it anyways?" "Promise not to tell anyone?" "Yup." "Well... He's..."


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