Impossible (Harry Styles Punk)

"Get out" I said with my teeth still clenched together. "Haha, baby I own you" he said, pulling me towards him. "Get your dirty hands off of me" I yelled, pushing him away.


7. Chapter 7

~~"He betted that Brooke would come back" Liam said, "I owe that son of a b*tch 10 bucks." Louis laughed. "Good thing I didn't bet" Louis teased. "Smart think you nitwhit" I said and whacked him in the back of the head. "F*ck that hurt" he whined I laughed. Harry came downstairs. "Money" he demanded. Liam groaned and pulled out his wallet. Look Stacey, boys betting over me and what are you getting? Niall? Haha, dumb b*tch. I looked over at Stacey who looked sassy in her outfit. Okay I admit, Stacey and I are not that good of friends like I said in a few chapters before....she's a b*tch. "HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH!!" Niall comes in the flat laughing. "S*t that's funny" he said. "Hi Brooke & Stacey" he says, "What brings ya back?" I pointed to Stacey and she had a sassy/b*tchy face. "Oh haha" I said, sarcastically to her and looked back at Niall. He's laughing again. "It's so f*cking funny" he said to Liam and Louis who were confused.  "Niall, are you high?" Louis asked, trying to keep a straight face. "Nope" he said, holding in his laughs. "He has to be on heroin" Liam said. "F*CK NO!" Niall yelled. 30 seconds later, all we heard from Niall was "HAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH!!" " SHUT UP, I'M SLEEPING!" someone yelled at the top of the stairs. "YOU THE LOUD MOUTH!!!" Niall yelled back. The man groaned and then a door slammed shut. "Who was that?" I asked. "P-Paul" Niall said, panting heavily. As I heard Niall panting, I thought of Harry about an hour before, slipping his clothes on, trying to catch his breath. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAHA!!" Niall laughed again. "Niall, f*cking breath" Liam said, "WTF is so funny?" Louis asked. "E-Evelyn found a g-guy and s-she- HAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH- s-she asked him if h-he had a bluetooth and HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA- and h-he smiled and said, 'It's in my mouth, go ahead and use it.' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Niall laughed. It was a little funny to me but to Niall, he was dying. "Niall, you find the weirdest sh*t" Louis laughed. Harry walked back down the stairs and looked at us. "Thanks, now if you excuse me, I'm taking Brooke" he said and I followed him upstairs. WTF does he want?

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