Impossible (Harry Styles Punk)

"Get out" I said with my teeth still clenched together. "Haha, baby I own you" he said, pulling me towards him. "Get your dirty hands off of me" I yelled, pushing him away.


5. Chapter 5

~~I just finished getting dressed and so did Harry. "If you tell anybody, there will be consequences" he said. I nodded. "Oh by the way, you were tight" he said with a smirk. He walked over to me and came very close until our foreheads touched. I was still panting and he was a little too.  "Baby, you make me so hard" he whispered and pressed his lips to mine. He rubbed his tongue on my bottom lip asking for entrance. I let him in. He took my hand and put it on his bulge. He moaned in my mouth. He released the kiss. "Make me moan again" he demanded. I took my hand and started palming his bulge that was sticking out in his blue jeans. He moaned in pleasure as I palmed his bulge harder and harder. "I wanna whimper, make me whimper" he said, trying to hold in his moans. I was so overwhelmed by how adorable he is, I couldn't control myself . I pushed him onto the couch which made his bulge get bigger. He was now sitting on the couch, biting his lip. I pulled his pants and boxer down to his ankle and looked at my wristwatch, 7:20. We have 10 minutes until Stacey wakes up. "Come on, make me whimper" Harry said. I smiled and walked over to Harry. I look around the room. "Harry, do you have a lighter?" I asked. He nodded his head. I crouched down to his pants and dug into his pockets. I finally pulled out an orange lighter. "Yes" he moaned, staring at the lighter. I grabbed Harry's pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and handed to him. "Take a puff and hand it over" I said and obeyed. He took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. He took the lighter and lit it and took a puff. He handed back to me and started smirking. I took the cigarette from his hand and trailed it down to his erection. "Y-Yes" he moaned. I wasn't done yet. I pressed the cigarette harder onto it and he whimpered my name. I looked at my wristwatch, 7:29. "Harry, Stacey is going to wake up, you have to go" He nodded, pulled up his pants, grabbed his lighter and cigarettes, and opened the front door. "We should do this again" he said and left. I shut the door and went to the bathroom to fix my hair. Geez, what is wrong with me?

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