Impossible (Harry Styles Punk)

"Get out" I said with my teeth still clenched together. "Haha, baby I own you" he said, pulling me towards him. "Get your dirty hands off of me" I yelled, pushing him away.


4. Chapter 4

~~"Baby.." he moaned, his hands still up my shirt. I tried hard not to moan, and so far it's a success. He pulled my shirt off and loved the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra. I knew I should've put on a bra. He licked his lips and pressed them to mine. Of course I kissed back, who wouldn't? I still liked him but I just wasn't ready. He slipped off his shirt. OMFG, his tattoos and abs and..... No Brooke, stop it. He moved his hands down to the waistband of my jeans and started playing around with the button. I bit my lip, trying to hold in all of the moans. "Baby" he moaned. He's moaning, probably because he's thinking about me giving him..... no way. "H-Harry?" I stuttered. He looked at me, still playing with my button. "I-If we were gonna do this, i-it can't be h-here" I stuttered. WTF am I saying. He raised an eyebrow. "It can be here and it will" he growled and threw me down on the couch. I winced. I looked at angry Harry, he was being rough. He finally got my pants of and started kissing my stomach. He sat up and pulled my pants down. "H-Harry" I said as he looked at me with a smirk on his face. I could tell by the look of his face, this was going to be rough. He moaned as he pulled down his boxers and my panties. He put his hand over my mouth and put a finger over his lips. "I'll go in harder, every scream" he whispered and I nodded. He removed the hand. He smirked as he spread my thighs open. I closed my eyes as he found his way inside of me, thrusting back and forth. I winced in pain as he went in harder and harder. I can't control myself, I started moaning and he smirked going in even harder and faster. "B-Baby" he stuttered. He pulled out of me and laid back. Oh no, I'm screwed. He is smirking at me. "Bounce" he said and I gulped. I moved over on it and did as I was told. I was bouncing up and down. "Y-Yes" he stuttered. I bounced harder and faster. "Baby, I'm about to-" he was cut of by a warm liquid going inside of me. I nodded as I did the same all over Harry's. We were staring at each other the whole time we got our clothes on, panting.

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