Impossible (Harry Styles Punk)

"Get out" I said with my teeth still clenched together. "Haha, baby I own you" he said, pulling me towards him. "Get your dirty hands off of me" I yelled, pushing him away.


2. Chapter 2

~~After Harry walked upstairs, I sat and listened to the guys conversation. "Niall, I still can't believe you did that" Stacey said and Niall blushed. "Um, guys, where's your bathroom?" I asked. "One's downstairs, over to the left, and ones upstairs, 3 doors on the right" Zayn said, pointing in different directions. "Thanks" I said and headed upstairs. I counted, 1,2,3 and knocked on the door. Harry opened and pulled me in. He shut and locked it behind him. "Harry?" I asked. He smirked. "Don't worry, no sex, I promise" he said. His low, deep, British voice was music to my ears. "Oh.." I said and he stared at me. "It's just I wanna talk to you, that's all" he said and walked over to me. His eyes locked on mine. "Harry, this is kind of awkward" I said. "Shh, the walls are thin, they'll here us" he said. I nodded. Why would some bad boy wanna talk to me? "Okay, I need to-" he started and stared at the floor. "Do what?" I whispered. He pressed his lips to mine, I pushed him off. "Harry, I can't, I just got my heart broken" I whispered, heading for the door but he stopped me and spun me around. "I need you no matter what you say" he said, pressing his lips back on mine. As long as he doesn't rape me. I was forced to kiss him back. "Brooke, you're a great kisser" he said, seductively. I was getting very uncomfortable. "Harry, I-" he stopped me. "Shh" he said and pressed his lips back to mine. Even though I liked him, I just went through a break up. He stared in my eyes as he bit my bottom lip and pulled on it. He released my lip. "Okay, maybe I was lying about sex" he says with a smirk on his face. I gulped and looked at him. "But I'll wait on that" he said and I was relieved....for now. He pressed his lips back on mine. "Baby" he said as he was panting. This hottie is insane. "Harry, I have to get back down" I said and quickly went back downstairs. Stacey and the boys were talking about vacations. "Yeah, Hot Springs" Stacey said and looked up at me. "You back?" she asked and I nodded. I sat back down next to her and Harry came back not long afterwards. I was too nervous to say anything but Harry looked fine. "Harry, where did you go last summer?" Louis asked, rubbing up and down his back. "Maine" he said as Louis looked back to Zayn. "See" he said. Harry looked over at me. He put his index finger over his lips and mouthed the sound "Shh." I suck at keeping secrets. I looked at Stacey to avoid eye contact with Harry but his eyes were still locked on me. "Stacey, remember Miami" I said, trying to laugh to hide that I was nervous. "Ohh yeah" she laughed. I pretended to listen to her. I looked over at Harry. "I get what I want" he said as quiet as he possible could. I looked over at Stacey who was now laughing. "Well, we better get going, good to see ya" Stacey said. "Yeah, see ya soon." I said as I followed Stacey to the front door. "Wait," Niall yelled, "Let me have your room number" he said. While Stacey was telling Niall our room number I turned my head to see Harry checking me out from behind. He smirked and I turned my head back. "Bye" Stacey said and we left their apartment.

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