Impossible (Harry Styles Punk)

"Get out" I said with my teeth still clenched together. "Haha, baby I own you" he said, pulling me towards him. "Get your dirty hands off of me" I yelled, pushing him away.


1. Chapter 1

~~Brooke P.O.V (whole story)
"I wish you would tell me" I whined as my BFF Stacey lead me down the hotel hall. "It's a surprise." she says, smiling at me. Why would there be a surprise in the hotel? There is nothing that interesting here. "We're almost there" she said, pulling my arm even harder. "Ouch" I said. She laughed. "We're here!" she yells as we turn towards a door. "Room 904, home of-" she started and knocked on the door. "Home of who?" I asked. I stroke my brown hair as Stacey knocked on the door again. "We're here!" she yelled at the door and sounds of footsteps could be heard. Shortly after the footsteps stopped, there was a sound of someone unlocking the door and then it opened, it was Niall. "Stacey" he said, "Brooke, come on in." We walked in his room and it was wonderful. I turned around to see Niall and Stacey hugging, his hand going slowly through her blonde hair. "Get a room" I said and turned back around to come face to face with a unfamiliar guy. His eyes were emerald green, so beautiful. "Oh, Brooke, this is Harry, Harry, Brooke" Niall says, letting go of Stacey and walking towards us. "Um hi" I said, still staring in his eyes and him doing the same. "Hello" his British voice echoed my mind. I looked all over his body. I saw piercings, tattoos, looks like a bad boy. "Well, I better go get the guys" Niall says. "I'll go with you" Stacey said. They made their way upstairs and left Harry and I in the living room by ourselves. "Um.." I said, nervously. He was still looking in my eyes with a small smirk on his face. "Your name's Harry right?" I asked. I knew his name was Harry I just wanted to hear him say something. "Yeah" he said, not taking his eyes off me or his smirk off his face. His eyes were locked on my blue ones and mine were locked on his green ones. He smiles and for the first time, looks at the floor. "Harry, how come I've never met you before?" I asked, awkwardly. "Niall doesn't talk about me, ha" he says, mostly to himself. I nodded and watched as he laughed and then locked his eyes back on mine. "I'm sorry" I said. "For what?" he asked. His deep, British voice brought shivers up my spine. "For this to be awkward" I said. Okay, I officially suck at talking to cute guys. He laughed and put his eyes back on mine. "Don't be" he said, pulling me closer to him. Niall ran back downstairs with Stacey and the guys right behind. I backed away from Harry before they turned their attention to me. "Brooke" Louis squealed. "Louis, boys, how ya been?" I asked. "Great" Liam said, "But it sucks without you here." He frowned. I giggled. We all sat on the couch and had a conversation. I sat next to Stacey and the other boys sat across from us. "So Stacey, when did you guys move to the hotel?" Zayn asked. Stacey was explaining about when we moved in and I noticed Harry secretly staring at me. I looked up at him and he smirked and stared into my eyes. That boy is hot but creepy. "Okay, so Brooke, how's Jackson?" Niall stared at me. Stacey gave him a glare and looked at me. "We broke up" I said, trying to hide my tears. "Oh, I'm sorry" Niall said, feeling bad. I just stared at Stacey and started to feel heartbroken. "Brooke, it's okay, he was no good" Stacey said. While the others talked, I looked back over at Harry who was leaning in to whisper something. "Meet me in the bathroom in 5" he said, getting up and headed upstairs.

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