Meet Me At The River

Elizabeth is shattered into pieces when her dog dies unexpectedly, her dog is buried by the river and automatically the river becomes a sacred place to her. Elizabeth is tired of the act of being fine, she just wants to cry.


4. Demons In my Eyes

   I stroll into my first hour and set my books down on my desk. There is a group of girls flirting with the boys. I head over to them and smile sweetly trying to fake it, I can fool everybody. A boy named Zac smiles at me. "Hey Elizabeth." he says. "Hey." I reply steadying my voice. My friend elbows me in the back as if shes hinting to something. But when I turn to her she's talking to another boy. "Are you going to the school carnival?" He asks casually. "No, I was thinking of going to my hunting land instead." I say grinning. "What do you do there?" he asks tilting his head to the side slightly. "you know, shoot my bow. explore. hunt. ride ATVs. Go fishing. lots of choices." I say laughing lightly. Zac laughs softly too. "Sounds fun." He says softly. but theres a look in his eye I know to well, sorrow.


   "Ok class! please return to your seats!" says mrs.Grigh. I smile at Zac and return to my seat. I drone out during the lesson thinking how I could possibly make him sad. Did I say something? Then it hits me, he was about to ask me out to the carnival but I totally turned him down so I could go back to the land. I take out a notepad and scribble a couple sentences down. I kick it to his feet and it hits his foot. he looks at me confused and I whisper "read it." he nods then picks it up. DING DING DING. The bell startles me and I knock over my pile of school books.  pick them up and zac kneels down to help me. "I'll pick you up at 6." He says as he puts back the last of the books.


  As soon as I get home I run to my room and cry out all my tears so I will be ready for tonight. It takes 2 hours of sobbing and tissues and feeling absolutely horrible, but it got a lot out of me. I think i'll be fine for tonight. I dress In a green dress that's got white lace underneath so it fluffs out at the bottom. it also has a white ribbon that ties in a large bow in the back. I tie my hair in a low side ponytail and add more makeup to cover up the damage from me crying. I tie up combat boots and grab a white tiny purse. RIINNGGG. Zac is here. I smile and sigh as I rush downstairs.

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