Meet Me At The River

Elizabeth is shattered into pieces when her dog dies unexpectedly, her dog is buried by the river and automatically the river becomes a sacred place to her. Elizabeth is tired of the act of being fine, she just wants to cry.


3. Days Beyond

   It was a Monday night and I am sitting at the dinner table. I am silent as usual but my mom and dad are chatty. I tune them out and continue picking at food, arranging it to look like I ate it. "Isn't that exciting?" my mom says looking at e. "What??" I say looking at her. She grins and so does my dad. "Where thinking of getting a new dog in a year. We need suggestions on a good breed." My mom says beaming. I sputter up the water I was gulping down and push out of the chair. my chair tips over as I run to my room. 


  I slam the door shut and scream. I can't open my heart like that again. Painful but once happy memorize come flooding back and I cover my eyes falling to a heap on the floor. most people would be very happy right now. I feel like somebody has just bombed me. and memories are there weapon used on me. I sob and scream. Too many memories. I can't handle it. I barely make it to the toilet before I puke.


   The next time I wake up I'm lying crippled on the bathroom floor. my alarm is screaming at me from somewhere in my room. I stagger over and turn it off. I dress quickly so I can spend extra time working with my makeup. I put pounds of foundation on. My face still looks a little pale but it will do. I brush out my hair and French braid it. I put on a load of eye makeup to lessen the puffiness. I'm finally done. I step back and give one of my award wining smiles. That's when I loose it. I hurl my hairbrush at the mirror and It shatters landing around me.    

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