Meet Me At The River

Elizabeth is shattered into pieces when her dog dies unexpectedly, her dog is buried by the river and automatically the river becomes a sacred place to her. Elizabeth is tired of the act of being fine, she just wants to cry.


5. Blooming Flowers

    Zac and I walk into the school carnival chatting about hunting and stuff like that. Turns out he is a bit of a country boy himself. We walk around playing games and laughing. I feel as if some weight is off my shoulders now. "Oh my gosh skiball!" I say gasping at the purple machine that's been hauled into the hallway. "Wow I didn't know they rented stuff like this!" Zac says pulling out 25 cents. He enters it in the machine and offers me a plastic ball. "i'm kinda the master at this!" I say laughing as I take the ball. I hurl it towards the 5000 tiny hole. It plops inside the hold and I pump my fist in the air. "YAASSS!" I yell laughing. "my turn." zac says. he aims at the 10000 hole. Its even tinier then the 5000 one. His ball plops in the hole easily. "YAASSS!" zac says mimicking me. We both laugh as we finish off the round of balls.


  we lean against the wall talking when my phone goes off. "crap!" I say reading the message from my dad. "what?" Zac asks. "Well my dad is wondering if I wanted to go hunting tonight because he caught a lot of huge bucks on camera!" I say clicking off my phone. "Well you should go! Its fine! This carnival was kinda turning slow anyway." Zac says. But his eyes have the look of sadness in them again. I look at him then smile. "Wanna go hunting with us?" I ask. "Sure!" Zac says, his eyes lighting up.


  We both load up the guns and head out into the setting sun. It only takes 10 minutes of waiting in the bushes till a huge buck comes out into a clearing. then out steps another buck. I look at Zac gesturing to the left buck. He nods and we shoot our guns at the same time, Taking down the 2 huge bucks. We walk over to them smiles and congratulating each other. "This is probably my best buck!" Zac says. "mine too!' I say.


   We sit on the gravel country road waiting for Zac's parents. I've taken off my hunting gear and i'm in my green dress. the sun is almost gone and the first star is already out. The crickets are in full chirping mode. I look over at Zac who is in the grass looking up at the sky. I glance over at the river in the distance and close my eyes holding in the sobs. "have you ever wondered what its like up in the clouds where everything is perfect." Zac says smiling at the sky. "Well it must be nice." I say. "i'd like to be there." Zac says. "I would too." I softly whisper. Zac looks at me and smiles. "Tonight was fun." "Yeah it was." I agree before zac's car pulls up on the country road.

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