Meet Me At The River

Elizabeth is shattered into pieces when her dog dies unexpectedly, her dog is buried by the river and automatically the river becomes a sacred place to her. Elizabeth is tired of the act of being fine, she just wants to cry.


6. A Wooden Cross

  The next day I come back down the the hunting land. This time I head straight to the river and cry. I scream and plead. I feel a shadow slipping over me. I gasp for air inbetween sods. Everything in life relates back to her. I can't stop it. Its impacted me like a thousand bombs. I used to have nightmares about her dying. but i'd always find her and bring her to my room. Now I can't do that. I just scream because she was so alive. and now she's gone.


  the week wears on. A shadow darkens my life. I don't make a effort to look ok. Zac knows something is up as well but I shut him out. I forgot what sleep is. I only eat a small portion of my lunch at school. My other meals are canceled. 


   Today is the worst. I don't eat or drink at all. I fall in the hallway and I gasp for breath, no air comes in my lungs. Zac comes running and helps me up. I'm already late to my class so he takes me to a bench and we sit alone in a hallway. a tear slides down his face and he takes my hand. "I don't know you like I used to." Zac says "you shut everybody out, even me, You haven't eaten or drank anything at all today. What are you trying to do?" more tears from the boy. I shake my head. I'm to weak to speak now. "do your parents know?" he asks me after a long pause. I shake my head no. He starts crying and I want to cry. instead I puke. Throwing up all my food from the last couple of days. Zac looks at me and shakes his head. "Please." he whispers searching my eyes. "I don't understand." I let this get too out of hand. and I understand that now.


   I lie by my dog's grave still. "hey god." I say. "I don't think I can do this anymore." I sob. heaving my shoulders. "Please take me." I whisper shutting my eyes. The wildflowers tickle my arms and the stories birds sing fill the air with the soft ripple of a water bird in the still river. The sun warms my legs. I breath in the sweet smell of earth warmed by the sun, And I breath out the last breath in me.


  When I wake up i'm on golden streets. and infront of me sits a yellow lab, who wags her tail so hard it will knock you over, who never growls or barks, who snores in her sleep, Who was buried by the river. I see a man dressed in white next to her. I run faster then ever to that little dog. and there we stay. Forever and ever.

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