The Last Dance

Nijah Smith is your typical 17 year old girl. Or at least that's what it looks like to everyone else. She has a terrible past and no one except for her mother knows about it. Then, her mom gets a job working for Simon Cowell. When one of the boys finds out about her past. Will he fix it and help her move on? Or will he make matters worse? Find out as you read The Last Dance.


2. Chapter 2

Nijah's POV:
Down. We were all going down. It was like nobody knew how to fly a plane and stop it from crashing. If they did, they certainly didn’t say anything. We were about to crash when, “Nijah!! Get up already!!” my mom was screaming in my ear.
I jolted awake and realized that we were never crashing and giggled to myself for having such a bizarre imagination.
“Sweetie, everyone has been off the plan for 5 minutes. I’ve been trying to wake you up for 5 minutes,” my mom said calmly with a worried glint in her hazel eyes. I looked around and realized she was right. I looked ahead and saw the pilot staring at me. I felt something drip down my face and realized I had been sweating. I quickly wiped it off and gave a shy smile to the pilot.
I looked around once again and realized my mom had left so, I stood up, stretched, got my bags, and walked away quickly to catch up to my mom. As soon as we got out of the gate, I saw 5 verygood looking boys staring straight at my mom and me. One caught my eye out of all the others. He had perfect brown curls that I had been trying to get in my hair for a long time. He had beautiful green eyes. But most importantly, Harry Styles was looking straight at me. 

Harry's POV:

We were waiting at the gate for the new executive assistant when I saw a young women who looked to be in her early thirties and a girl who looked to be about my age step out of the gate. I was praying that that was them. The girl had hazelnut colored hair, intimidating blue eyes, and a really good tan. Best of all she was looking right at me. I gave her my famous cheeky smile and winked. My thoughts were interrupted when Simon said “Boys I would like you to meet my new executive assistant Angela and her daughter, Nijah. Nijah is 17 so you guys should get along.”

Simon walked away with Angela leaving Nijah standing there alone. I walked up to her with the others so we could introduce ourselves. Of course, Louis was the first to do it. 
“ Hi! I’m Louis!” he said. Instead of shaking her hand, he picked her up and gave her a bear hug.
She laughed and said, “I know.” She had the voice of an angel.
“So, you’re a fan?” 
“Yep, in between fan and Directioner.”She giggled quietly
Louis turned around and gave us a mischievous look. Oh lord, what is he going to do I thought. Looking at the others, I could tell they were thinking it to. He turned back around and asked, “Do you like carrots?” The boys and I instantly started laughing quietly to make sure she didn’t hear us.
She gave us a look of confusion before saying “yes.”
Louis bent down on one knee and pulled out a toy ring he got at a toy vending machine and said, “Will you marry me?” with the most serious face I have ever seen. That’s all it took for the boys and me to snap. We all started laughing our heads off.
Nijah smiled and said, “Louis, I’m sorry but no. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I walkeddown the aisle with THAT ring on my hand.”
We all started laughing even harder and Louis and Nijah joined in. 
On we all started to calm down, Louis said, “Well then you already know who these lads are. But just in case you only pay attention to me(wink) this is Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Harry.”
“Well, I’m sorry to inform you Louis, But I do pay attention to the others,” she turned to us and extended her hand, “It’s very nice to meet you.”
Liam shook her hand, then Zayn, then Niall. It was my turn to shake her hand. I took her hand and pulled her into a hug. I pulled her phone out of her back pocket, entered my number, texted myself so I had her number and slipped it back into her pocket without her realizing. Louis noticed what I did, and he winked at me. 
Nijah's POV:

As I settled into my part of the Connecting room, my phone buzzed. I looked at the clock and realized it was already midnight. I wondered who would be texting me at this time of night. I looked at my phone and it said:

One New Message From:
Harry Styles
How did he get my number? How did I get his? Then I remembered when he was hugging me, I felt something come out of my pocket, I didn’t know what it was though, so I decided to brush it off. Well played Styles. I hit open and it said:
Nighty-Night gorgeous. I can’t wait to see you in the morning.xx
Lets make this interesting…
To: Harry Styles
Why wait until morning when you could come over now… ;)
I started laughing as soon as I hit send. Within seconds he replied.
From: Harry Styles
:O Seriously? I knew we had some… tension ;)
That just sent tears to my eyes and it made my stomach hurt I was laughing so hard.
To: Harry Styles
:D Nope!! But if you have tension then I might be able to help ;)
Now, I just felt bad. But, it was just so funny! Ding! He replied.
From: Harry Styles
Well, that was mean. But, seriously? I have lots of tension! ;) What’s the address?
He was so easy and fun to tease.
To: Harry Styles
1234 teasing street!!!!!! I got you hahahahaha!!!! I’ll see you tomorrow hun.
I couldn’t stop the tears from coming to my eyes.
From: Harry Styles
:O its not nice to tease Jay. we r gonna talk about this 2morro :/
And with that, I went to bed hoping that whatever he “had in store” for me wasn’t to bad.

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