The Last Dance

Nijah Smith is your typical 17 year old girl. Or at least that's what it looks like to everyone else. She has a terrible past and no one except for her mother knows about it. Then, her mom gets a job working for Simon Cowell. When one of the boys finds out about her past. Will he fix it and help her move on? Or will he make matters worse? Find out as you read The Last Dance.


1. Chapter 1

   "Nijah, wake up sweetie we need to get to the airport," my mom said as she poked my arm multiple times.
       I rolled around for a few minutes until I decided to open my eyes. To my surprise, my mom was still standing there looking at me. I sat up in my bed and gave my mom my infamous look. My mom just rolled her eyes and started to walk away, but not before I said  " I don't understand why you took the job mom. You could be an executive assistant anywhere and for anyone."
        " Honey, we've talked about this a thousand times. He offered to pay more than he should just so I would take the job. Ever since your father left, we have been in a rut an this is going to get is out. And I'm sure you'll make friends with the boys, Simon said they were all very nice and needed a girl who's a good influence and not just 'another girl ' in their lives," my mom said. I laughed to myself when she said good influence.
        My mom is only 33. Which means, she was only 16 when I was born. Surprisingly though, my dad decided to propose to my mom and they got married. Well, they had a happy marriage until my mom found out my dad was having an affair with his boss and she divorced him. This was only a year ago so we were pretty tight on cash. But my mom is one of the best executive assistants in the US. It's true, she has a plaque. So that is why Simon Cowell begged her to take the job.
       Since it's Simon Cowell, that means I'm going to get to hang out with the boys from One Direction. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of them and all, I just don't want to leave all my friends behind. 

         As we drove around the parking lot looking for a place to park the rental car ( we sold our car since we are moving to London) One Direction's 'One Thing' came on. I started singing along and my mom just started laughing. I looked at her and rolled my eyes.
       "What?" I questioned her as she pulled into a spot.
         " I just find it funny that you weren't to happy about moving to London and living next to them and everything that's been going on, but yet you still are a fan and belt out the lyrics to their songs everytime they come on the radio," she said.
         I rolled my eyes as she started unpacking all of our luggage. She handed me her two carry-ons. I held them in one arm with my two in the other arm. 
         I took one last look at what I could see of Jacksonville and walked into the airport.

         As I was walking to the trash can to throw away my McDonalds wrappers, the lady at the announcer announced the boarding of our flight. My mom and I grabbed our bags and headed onto the flight. 
         Since Simon graciously offered to pay for our tickets, we got to sit in first class. It was actually pretty fancy. I had never ridden in a plane before so I didn't really know what to expect, but it was nicer than what I imagined. 
         I know it's weird that I'm almost 18-years-old and have never ridden in a plane before. I just had no need to, or wanted to for that matter leave Jacksonville. It was everything I liked, beaches, warm air, wasn't to cold in the winter, and it has an awesome mall. 
        I chose to sit in the window seat and my mom, of course, sat down next to me. We sat there for awhile waiting for everything to get situated with the plane. As soon as the pilot spoke, I started to feel queasy. For some reason the thought of crashing popped into my mind. I started to shake. It was obviously noticeable because my mom asked if I was okay.
         " We aren't going to crash are we?" I said trying to stop my body from shaking so much.
         " No, we are defiantly not going to crash," my mom said as she picked up one of the magazines that the plane provided, flipped throughout, and put it back down.
          I started to calm down and then the engine started. My shaking came back again, worse than last time. My mom noticed again and grabbed my hand to calm me down. It helped, sort of.  The plane lifted up. We were getting higher and higher every second. We were finally high enough to stop going up and to start going in a line. Our journey to London had begun. I looked down at Jacksonville, whispered a goodbye, closed my eyes, and fell asleep.

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