A New Twist To Our Story

Y/N is your everyday girl, she's smart, pretty, everything you look for in a girl. Niall can agree to that too, he's fallen deeply in love with her but y/n's dad forbids them to date, because Niall is the badass of the town.


1. Where It All Began

It all started when Niall and his mum moved in next door when I was 3 years old. My mum and I came over to welcome them to the neighborhood. It all started with the typical greeting my mum made a pie for them as a welcoming gift. I hid behind my mum being the shy girl I was. After about 20 minutes of our mums talking I decided to wander around their house. I was looking at the pictures on the walls, when Niall came up behind me. "Whatcha doing?" Niall asked. "Where's your daddy?" I asked. He looked down sadly. "He left me, my mummy says everything happens for a reason. I believe her."

Simple as that, I believed that was it, then before I knew it he kissed me. His lips were on mine. I was 3 I didn't know what to do about it, so I pushed him down and ran to my mum. Simple as that. I whispered to my mum what had just happened, she knew I was embarrassed and wanted to leave so she told them we had to leave. We said our goodbyes, and left. Before I walked out I ran up to Niall and told him, "You're my new best friend." I smiled and ran back to my mom and left my new best friend.

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