Just A Fantasy (1D and LM)

"But.." I started. "What? Aren't you happy with him?" Jade asked. "Yeah, but I.." I started. Tears rolled down my cheeks. "No, no, no, Pezz don't cry." Jesy said. "Girls, you don't understand, he hurt me."


7. Chapter 7

~~Jesy P.O.V

I followed Perrie without her knowing. Good thing Zayn's room is in the back. I walked over and put my ear on his door. "Wake up sleepyhead" Perrie said. Zayn groaned. "Hi Perrie" He said. "Hi sugar" Perrie said. I heard Perrie boots click clacked on the floor. She giggled. "Sit" Zayn moaned. "I am gonna take that as a 'I like your outfit'" Perrie said and sat on the bed. You could hear the bunk bed shake as she sat. It was quiet for a while until I heard Perrie giggle. My phone started ringing, Sh*t. "You called, I missed it, you called, I missed it, you called and I missed it-" I put it on silent and quickly ran towards the bathroom right across the hall. I'm glad I wore flats instead of heels. I heard Zayn's door open and a few seconds later, close. I walked out of the bathroom, casually. "Hey Jesy, do you know who was at the door?" Perrie asked. "Nope" I lied. "I just went to the bathroom, oh my phone" I said, running back in the bathroom. I quickly took my phone out of my pocket and pretended to grab it off the counter. "There it is" I laughed. She stared at me. Okay, so I'm not the best liar. "You're nuts" she said and walked back in Zayn's room. Whew, that was close. I tipped toed back over to Zayn's door. "Yesterday was the best" Zayn said. "I bet it was" Perrie giggled. "So who was at the door?" he asked. "I dunno, but I saw Jesy come out of the bathroom." Perrie said. "Weird" Zayn said. "Yeah" Perrie said. "Well, I better tell them you're up, so c'mon" Perrie said. Sh*t, sh*t gotta run. I ran to the bathroom again. Someone knocked on the door. "Hello?" Perrie asked. "Oh, I'm in here" I said. "Jesy, didn't you just go?" Perrie asked. "No, I was looking for my phone, I heard it ringing so I went to find it" I said. Please, Perrie, I suck at lying. "Oh..well hurry" she said. I hated lying, especially the girls. I left the bathroom 30 seconds later. I saw Perrie walk in. I walked towards our room when I saw Zayn walk in the bathroom from the corner of my eye. "Wtf" I whispered and walked quietly towards the door. "Did you tell 'em?" Zayn asked. "Yeah" she said. I could feel Zayn's smirk, even if you can't see it, you can always feel it. "Mhmm" Perrie moaned, as if their lips were pressed together. "F*ck me raw" I heard Zayn whisper. I made a gross face and walked away from the door. I sat on the couch, trying to get what just happened out of my head. "Where have you been?" Harry asked. "2 words" I said, "The bathroom." "That's 3" Niall said. "Are you retarted?" Louis teased and Niall laughed.

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