Just A Fantasy (1D and LM)

"But.." I started. "What? Aren't you happy with him?" Jade asked. "Yeah, but I.." I started. Tears rolled down my cheeks. "No, no, no, Pezz don't cry." Jesy said. "Girls, you don't understand, he hurt me."


6. Chapter 6

~~Harry P.O.V

"Happy birthday" Niall yelled as I walked out of my room on our bus. "Guys, I just woke up" I said, rubbing my eyes. "Yes, but you're 20 now" Louis says as he sat on one of the couches. "Where is everyone else?" I asked, sitting next to Louis. "El and Dani are with Liam in the kitchen-" Louis starts. "Huh?" Liam yelled. "Nobody called you, nitwhit" Louis yelled and continued. "Perrie and the girls are in their room and Zayn's asleep, I think" he says, throwing Niall a burger. "Yummy" he said, catching it. "So...." I said. "So what?" Louis asked, looking at my messed up curls. "So, what are you planning?" I asked. "Nothing, yet" he said. El walked out of the kitchen. "Babe" Louis said. "Baby" El replied. Louis smirked and El walked over to him. She kissed him and turned towards me. "Happy birthday Harry" she said with a smile. "Thanks" I said. "Baby, I'm gonna go with Perrie and the girls to their room and Dani's coming with me" she said, kissing Louis' nose. He nodded and placed a fake frown on his face. El giggled. "Dani" she yelled. "Oh, coming" Dani yelled back. I heard the click clanking of high heels coming towards us. Dnai walked in. "Let's go" El said and they walked to Perrie's door, knocked and walked in. Liam walked in not long after that and sat on the other side of Louis. "Hey mate, I was thinking we go out for some-" Liam started and Niall finished. "Pints" Niall said, mouth full of burger. Liam laughed and looked over at me. "So, you in?" he asked. "Duhh" I laughed and he smiled. "Well, right before our concert, we can stop by that bar in Frankfort" he said. "Somebody wake up Zayn" Niall said. "I'll do it" a female voice said. We all turned to face Perrie who was dressed...sexy. "Be my guest" I said and she smiled. "No prob" she said and her black, high heeled boots made the same noise that Dani's did as Perrie walked to Zayn's room. I looked over at Louis who looked back. "Trying to look sexy for Zayn, I guess" Louis teased, "She couldn't get enough" I nudged his shoulder. He pretended to be hurt. "Elly" he yelled. "Eleanor walked out of Perrie's room and walked to Louis. "Yes babe?" she asked. He frowned and pointed to his shoulder. El smiled. "Take off the shirt so I can see" she said. Louis tried to hide his smirk and kept frowning. He slipped off his shirt and pointed to his shoulder. "Aww" she said and kissed his shoulder. Louis smiled. "I got one here too" he said and pointed to his lips. El leaned in and kissed him. Liam scooted over to the edge of the sofa so El could lean in closer. I was still wondering, why is Perrie dressed so....sexy?

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