Just A Fantasy (1D and LM)

"But.." I started. "What? Aren't you happy with him?" Jade asked. "Yeah, but I.." I started. Tears rolled down my cheeks. "No, no, no, Pezz don't cry." Jesy said. "Girls, you don't understand, he hurt me."


5. Chapter 5

~~Perrie P.O.V

"Yes, duhh" Jesy said with a smirk. "Are you serious?" I asked, looking over at Zayn. "Yes I'm serious!" she grinned. I gulped. I liked him but I just wasn't ready...or was I? "Well.." Niall said. I got up, grabbed Zayn's hand and forced him to stand with me. I looked over at the girls and guys then back at Zayn. I pressed my lips to his and he put his hands down to the end of my darkish blue dress. He released and lifted it over my head to reveal my bra and panties. I'm pretty sure by now that the girls covered their eyes. He smirked when he saw me half naked. He pressed my lips back on my lips and started unhooking my bra. "Come on, get to the action" Harry groaned across the room. Zayn ignored him and continued to unhook my bra. He kept fiddling with the hooks. "I'll help" I said against his lips. He shook his head and finally got it off. He released from the kiss, panting, and looked at my breasts. I saw at the corner of my eye that the boys mouths were dropped and the girls were covering their eyes. He bit his lip as he stared at my breasts. "Zayn" I whispered and he looked up at me. "Oh..right" he said and pushed me down on the empty couch. He moved down to my panties and pulled them down with his teeth. I smiled as he kept eye contact with me as he did it. He sat up with white panties hanging from his mouth. I was still laying on the couch as Zayn moved back up to my lips and got really close, so close that our foreheads touched. "It's your turn" I said, quietly. He pulled his head back and looked down at his clothes. "I'm all yours" he says with a wink. I pulled him back to my lips and trailed my fingers up to the collar of his shirt. I started undoing his buttons. He chewed on my bottom lip as I did it. "I've wanted this since I met you" he said against my lips as he stopped chewing my bottom lip. I finished undoing his shirt and moved to his pants. "I-I" I started, still pressed against his lips. "Perrie, I want you to be mine." he said as I removed his pants. I released from the kiss. "What?" I said. "I want you to be mine" he said. I forgot that we were in front of the guys and girls until I heard a bunch of boys say, "Aww" I looked up at his eyes and smiled. I pulled his boxers down and smirked. "Stick it in" I whispered in his ear and laid back down. He smirked and pushed my thighs open. He turned to the boys who were all smirking and turned back to me. He finally stuck "it" in. I moaned in pleasure as he was thrusting in and out of me. "Zayn" I whimpered as he went rougher and faster. "Faster" I moaned and he obeyed he went faster and faster until..... "Oh f*ck yes" Zayn moaned as I released warm liquid all over his erection. "I love you, Perrie" he said. "I love you too, Zayn" I said and pressed my lips to his.

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