Just A Fantasy (1D and LM)

"But.." I started. "What? Aren't you happy with him?" Jade asked. "Yeah, but I.." I started. Tears rolled down my cheeks. "No, no, no, Pezz don't cry." Jesy said. "Girls, you don't understand, he hurt me."


4. Chapter 4

~~Liam P.O.V

I had Dani's arm and Louis had El's as we got back on the bus. We sat on the couch next to Perrie. "Hi, I'm Perrie" she says. "We know that" Dani says, "We're Mixers." Perrie smiled. Dani was on my lap and El was on Louis'. Zayn sat really close to Perrie and we all had a conversation to get to know each other better but it's eventually turned into Truth or Dare. "Truth or dare, Liam?" Harry asked. "Dare" I said. "I dare you to make out with Jade for 1 minute" Harry said. My eyes widen and Dani frowned. "Baby?" I asked. "Do it" she said. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes" she replied. I nodded, kissed her on the cheek and moved her off my lap. I got up and walked over to Jade. "I apologize" I said and pressed my lips to hers. Dani put her hand over eyes so she couldn't see us. I rubbed my tongue on her bottom lip, asking for entrance which she granted. Harry yelled, "Time" and we released. She looked at me and then giggled. I walk back to Dani and placed her back on my lap. "I'm sorry babe" I said and pecked her lips. "Okay my turn" I said and looked over at Jesy. "Jesy, truth or dare?" I asked. "Dare" she said with a smile. I looked around the room. "I dare you to make out with El" I said with a smirk. Jesy's face turned pale. "W-What?" she asked. El glared at me and so did Louis. "Don't look at me like that" I said, "I had to kiss another girl in front of my own." El's face turned back to normal and she took a deep breath. "He's right" she said and kissed Louis' jawline. She walked over to Jesy and sat right next to her. "Let's get this over with" she said and Jesy nodded. Jesy pressed her lips to El's. I bit my lip, enjoying every second. El released and walked back over to Louis who was out of air. "Truth or dare, Perrie?" Jesy asked. "Dareeee" Perrie squealed. "I dare you and Zayn, right here, right now" she said. We all had no clue, but Perrie did. "You mean....sex?" Perrie asked.

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