Just A Fantasy (1D and LM)

"But.." I started. "What? Aren't you happy with him?" Jade asked. "Yeah, but I.." I started. Tears rolled down my cheeks. "No, no, no, Pezz don't cry." Jesy said. "Girls, you don't understand, he hurt me."


2. Chapter 2

Zayn P.O.V

~~After we sang, the girls clapped their hands. I smiled as I saw Perrie clapping. She's so....beautiful. "That was amazing" Jesy said, clapping he hands. Perrie giggled as Jade whispered something in her ear. Her giggle was so adorable. I looked at the boys. They were having a small conversation about their girlfriends. Perrie got up and walked over to get her suitcase. I got up to help her. I walked over to her and she turned around. Suddenly, the bus went over a speed-bump and we fell onto the ground. She fell on top of me. "Oh um I'm sorry" she said, blushing with embarrassment. The guys laughed and the girls got up to help her. "Are you okay?" Jade asked, taking Perrie's hand. "I'm fine." she said, hopping to her feet. It actually felt...nice. Her blue eyes are beautiful along with her blonde hair and her lips. She's perfect. "I apologize Zayn" she said, still blushing with embarrassment. "Don't be, it wasn't your fault" I said. She smiled, grabbed her suitcase and sat back down on the couch. The guys were still howling with laughter. I glared at them. I looked back over at Perrie. She pulled out a blue dress along with a blue belt and a pair of black high heeled boots. "Is it okay if I hop in the shower?" she asked. "Yeah, no problem" I said, biting my lip afterwards. She smiled and headed for the kitchen and then turned around. "Oh, there" I said, pointing to the bathroom door. She turned around. "Thanks" she said and entered it. I sat watching the girls and guys talk. "So Liam, Louis, are your girlfriends coming?" Leigh Anne asked. "Yeah, and El said she's excited to see you" Louis squealed. "Same with Dani" Liam said as he looked at Niall who was eating chicken. "Nialler, don't eat it all" Liam whined. Niall rolled his eyes and continued eating. The rest of the conversation I wasn't listening, I was thinking about Perrie. About 30 minutes later, Perrie looked hot. "How do I look?" she asked. "Hot" Jade said. The boys jaws dropped open and so did mine. She giggled and sat right next to me. I'm gonna enjoy this tour.

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