Just a Project

Expendables Fanfic. A girl is kidnapped and abused. What happens when our favorite group of mercenaries meet her? What happened to her? Will she find love in these tough men?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter Two

I woke in an unfamiliar, cold, dark room. Only my breathing broke the quiet. There's a faint red tint to the darkness...wait, the lights are on! My eyes are closed, but I can't open them. Did they not get the stitches out that held my eyes closed? I try lifting a hand to find out, but a larger, warm, calloused hand pushed it back down.

A deep voice says, "try not to move." I whimper in fear as I feel cold, unforgiving metal touch my eyelids. Then...SNIP! A few moments later, I open my eyes, and see a group of men. An Irishman with cauliflower ears, a short Chinese man, a buff black man, a bald English man, a tall blonde Swedish man, and a familiar face.

"Uncle Ross?"

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