I'm not a little kid!

Clare is really short and cute. She is always mistaken for a little kid, but she has a really odd job. She's a spy! What happens when Clare finally meets someone with the same job as her?


2. Meet the new boss

We had gotten back pretty late since we went to the arcade. I walked down the street and turned a corner. I was supposed to be taking a picture of Leon for some weird chick I saw on the street. She was actually going to pay me twenty bucks for one picture! Leon is a guy in my class that is really popular. I was told that he was going to the café me and Ryder went to earlier. I walked to the window to see if I could see him from there.

Nope, guess I have to walk in. I threw away my empty soda can and opened the café door. I walked into the café and ordered a cappuccino. I found a booth not far away from Leon and his friends. I sat quietly studying them and waiting for the perfect picture. I snapped a picture when he was smiling big. This job was so easy. I twitched.

I felt eyes on my back. I turned and looked behind me. There was Ryder with a camera…. Taking a picture of me. I rose from my seat and walked over to him. I glared at him.

“Why did you take my picture?” I said with my hands on my hips.

Ryder slouched down and looked down.

“A client said to get your picture.” He said quietly.

“Who told you to get my picture?” I asked.

“Um…. That info is kind of confidential and you of all people should know this.” Ryder said pointing a finger at me.

“Whatever, I got my job done so I’m leaving.” I said as I turned around.

I started walking off when someone grabbed my arm.  I turned and it was Ryder.

“Hey, don’t leave. Are you mad or something?” Ryder asked raising an eyebrow.

I am so jealous of how some people can do that! I shook my head.

“I am just done with my job, that’s all.” I explained.

Ryder grinned. “Well if you’re done with your job than I guess you wouldn’t mind coming to my place then.” I sighed.

I couldn’t just say no, and then he’d hate me.

“Fine I guess so.” I muttered.

Ryder’s grin spread and he laced his arm through mine and pulled me into the night.  We walked down the street and up to a two story house with a beautiful fountain.

“Wow,” I gasped snapping a picture.

“I can’t believe I never noticed this house!” Ryder laughed at my reaction

“My family has quite a bit of money.” He tells me.

I look at him in amazement as he leads me into the house. 

He opens the door and yells “I’m still alive!” We were walking towards the stairs when a boy a couple years older than me stepped in front of us. The boy glared at Ryder.

“Since when did you bring girl’s home?” Ryder grinned up at the boy.

“Since whenever I please Nick.” A girl walked in and put her hands on her hips.

“Nick are you picking fights with Ryder over nothing again!?”  She asked. 

Nick huffed and walked away.

“Sorry about my brother Nick he’s loves fighting with Ryder. I’m Janette, Ryder’s sister.” The girl, Janette holds out her hand. I shake her hand.

“I’m Clare.” I say back. She grins at Ryder.

“You are finally making normal friends! Most of your friends are weird……” I could tell what word she was going to say but apparently she didn’t know I knew what Ryder was.

Ryder laughed.  “She knows what I am.” Janette looked surprised. 

“She knows you’re a spy?! You know you’re not supposed to tell anyone that! If mom and dad find out you told someone…” She started but Ryder cut her off.

“She doesn’t just know I’m a spy but she is a spy! Isn’t that awesome!?” Ryder said putting an arm around me.

 “She’s a spy? But…. She doesn’t work for your boss! Won’t you get in trouble?”  Janette questioned. Ryder grinned.

“Thought ahead, I have a picture and filled out an application just like boss asked. She is officially a member of the squad.” Ryder said.

“Hey, what are you talking about? What boss? What application?” I asked. Ryder just grinned at me and motioned for me to follow. I followed and he led me into a huge office room. I looked around. There was a giant bookshelf, tons of computers and a couple desks.

At a giant desk sat a big man with brown hair and a goatee. He was laughing at what a blonde haired woman was saying. The man’s eyes shot to us when the door shut and a big grin appeared on his face. He rose and ran over to Ryder, capturing him in a bear hug. Man this guy is tall! Well…. Everyone is tall compared to me, including Ryder! The man turned to me, smile still on his face and held out a hand.

“I’m Ryder’s dad/boss, but you can just call me Leroy.” He said as I reached out and shook his giant hand.

Dang! I must look like a kid to this guy! “I’m Clare.” I said.

“Well Clare I’m going to be your boss from now on, and guess what I already have you and Ryder’s first mission.” Leroy said to me as if I were a kid.

Well if the guy wanted to play like that then I guess I can play too. “Yay! I can’t wait! What is it?” I asked jumping up and down and clapping my hands. Leroy looked as if he had expected me to do something like that.

“You two will be infiltrating a ball thrown by the mayor. I heard that he is capturing young girls. That’s where you come in.” Leroy said looking at me.

  “I need you to get close to him and see what happens, Ryder will be close behind with a camera. But if he lays a hand on you only allow it long enough for Ryder to snap a photo then you can take care of him. I already know you are trained in boxing and karate.”  He added as a matter of fact.

“Ok. Sounds like an amazing plan! I’m so excited!” I said smiling.

“Oh one more thing, this is an old fashioned ball. You will be dressed in clothes from the Victorian era, but of course yours will have more of a gothic Lolita style.” Leroy added.

I gaped at him. Now he is seriously trying to make me look like a kid!

“Ok so when is this ball?” I asked.

“Tomorrow at five o’clock.” He said. I nodded.

“Ok, so anything else I need to know?” I asked since I was getting tired.

“You will have to be here at one o’clock to get ready.” Leroy answered.

 I yawned. “Ok, so I will see you guys tomorrow then…” I said already dozing off.

“I will walk you home.” Ryder said and he led me out of the house.

Ryder and I walked to my house in silence and when we arrived he looked up and noticed no lights on.

“Are your parents asleep?” He asked. 

I shook my head. “It’s only me and big bro that live here, and he will probably be running out that door hysterical in three, two, one…” I said and big bro ran out the door as I was about to say zero.

“Oh gosh Clare I was so worried!” Bro said wrapping me into a bear hug.

“Well I was just working at my part time job down at the café.” I told him

“You know anyone would want to take you home with them! You are just too adorable!” He said as he kept me tight in his hug.

“It’s ok! Not everyone is a creep like you. “I muttered.

“I heard that!” Big bro said with a laugh as he pulled away.

He noticed Ryder and glared.

“Who are you and why are you near my cute little sister?” Bro asked.

“I’m Ryder, Clare’s ‘friend’.” Ryder said in a way that made friend sound like more.

Bro suddenly looked pissed. “What!?” He said and looked to me.

I rolled my eyes. “We just met and he is my new friend, and nothing more. See you tomorrow Ryder!” I yelled as I ran up to the house and went inside.

I went upstairs and lay down in bed. I pretty much fell asleep right when my head touched the silk blanket. 

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