I'm not a little kid!

Clare is really short and cute. She is always mistaken for a little kid, but she has a really odd job. She's a spy! What happens when Clare finally meets someone with the same job as her?


3. Infiltrating the mayors ball

When I had woken up the sun had risen so I checked the time. Dang! It’s already 12! I jumped out of bed, changed into a pink, puffy and frilly dress and ran down stairs. I spun in circles and grabbed a coke and some pizza from the fridge. Only after I had microwaved my pizza and taken a sip of my coke did I notice Ryder at my table.

“Exactly why are you in my kitchen?” I asked leaning against the counter.

“I came to ask you out to breakfast but you were fast asleep. By the way you look really cute when you’re sleeping.” He said grinning.

“Wait let me get this straight…. You let you let yourself into my house, went in my room, watched me sleep, and then decided to help yourself to my food?”  I asked noticing the slice of pizza in his hand.

Ryder nodded. “Yep, you’re right on the money.” He said with a smile.

I frowned. “How did you get in anyhow?” I asked.

“I’m a spy aren’t I? I was sneaking around and saw your brother hide a spare key in your house plant. I actually was sneaking around looking for your room, but I found out where the key was first.” Ryder said with a shrug.

“Why were you looking for my room? Pervert.” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

Ryder grinned. “Might want to keep your tongue in your mouth, at least till the party.” Ryder joked, or at least I hope he was joking.

When I finished eating Ryder grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. After he shut and locked the door, he put the spare key in his pocket. I raised an eyebrow at him, but he completely ignored it. When he came over to me, he picked me up and put me on his back for a piggy back ride. I yelped as he ran down the street like that. I head people whispering stuff like ‘cute! Her boyfriend’s giving her a piggyback ride!’ and ‘Aw! Look at that boy and his little sister!’ It’s so embarrassing that people always think I’m a little kid! I pouted and looked forward. 

“I won’t let that guy lay a hand on you all right? If he even brushes your hand with his fingertips I’m snapping a pic then snapping his neck.” Ryder said.

Ryder looked…… Serious. I’d never seen him like this. I hugged his neck.

“Thanks Ryder.” I told him.

Ryder didn’t put me down when we came to the gates, he just walked in.

“Um… Ryder? Can you put me down?” I asked.

Ryder shook his head. “Not until you have to change.” He said as we walked into his dad’s office.

 When Leroy spotted me he jumped out of his seat and ran towards me. He pulled me of Ryder’s back and swung me around.

“Oh! You look so adorable!  When you wear a dress it’s like you magically transform!”  Leroy said and started hugging me tightly.

Ryder looked disgusted and pulled me out of his arms and put me back on his back.  Janette and Nick walked in the room right when I was settled on Ryder’s back. Janette’s eyes went wide and Nick blushed.

“Yeah, yeah she’s adorable! Don’t touch her though!” Ryder snapped. 

Janette looked shocked. “Well I’m here to help her get dressed so, so much for that.” She said and helped me off Ryder’s back and led me out the door.

“Sorry ‘bout that, Ryder’s kind of possessive.” Janette said.

  “So that was what it was about?” I asked.

Janette nodded and led me into a room full of dresses.

“Wow… That’s a lot of dresses.” I said.  Janette led me to the one and only black dress in the room. It was frilly, poofy and very similar to the one I was wearing. Although it also had the add on of lace to make it more beautiful.

Janette helped me into it and curled my hair. She let me choose the shoes since she thought it wouldn’t matter. I chose a pair of black sneakers, which I put on over lace black stockings.  When she showed me the mirror I couldn’t believe it was actually me. I looked so cute!  I hugged Janette.

“It looks amazing! Thanks!” I told her.

Janette nodded and led me back into the office. Ryder was standing in front of his father’s desk in a suit and his hair was spiked. I had to admit….. He looked hot!  My mouth pretty much watered at the sight of him! When Ryder heard us enter he turned and his jaw dropped. He ran over and hugged me.

“You look so adorable Clare!” He said.

“Hey don’t mess up her hair!” Snapped Janette.

Ryder pouted and released me. “But she is just too cute!” He complained.

Janette shook her head. “Well, it’s best you get going you two.” Leroy said. 

I nodded and Ryder grabbed my hand and led me out the door. Ryder sighed.

“I can’t believe I can’t even hug you.” He complained.

I laughed. “It’s not a big deal you know.” I said. Ryder shook his head.

“It’s a very big deal to me. You look adorable!” He said.

  I jumped up and kissed his cheek. “You don’t look to bad yourself Ryder.” I said.

Ryder was blushing as we went up to the door of the mayor’s house. I knock on the door and the mayor’s butler answered the door.

“Please come in.” He said and led us in. 

The room was beautiful!  It truly was a great ball room! There was a wide open space for dancing and two sets of stairs on each side of it. It was like out of a movie! Ryder noticed my look and chuckled. He pulled my hand and drug me to the dance floor.

“You know how to dance?” He asked me

. I nodded and he pulled me close. Soon we had covered the dance floor and a man tapped Ryder on the shoulder. The man whispered something to Ryder, who nodded and walked to a drink table. The man held out a hand and I accepted it.

“I’m Chris Smith, the mayor of this town.”  The man told me.

So this is the man?  He was tall and thin. He had black hair and blue eyes. I had to say he was handsome for his age.

“I’m Clare Akula.” I told the mayor.

“Well Clare I must say you look very cute.” He told me.

I blushed, for the act. “Oh, why thank you sir. I must say you don’t look very bad yourself.” I told him.

The mayor chuckled and stopped dancing.

“Would you like a drink Clare?” He asked. I nodded.

“Yes, thank you.” I said. When he walked away Ryder walked up.

He was pouting. “He touched you.” He gripped.

I giggled. “We danced. You danced with me as well.” I complained.

“Yeah but I don’t like that guy.” Ryder said.

I glanced at the direction I saw the mayor head off to and saw him coming back with two drinks. When he saw Ryder I saw a flash of emotion flash across his face for a second but it was gone to quickly for me to know what it was.

“My dear Clare here is you drink.” Chris said handing me a glass.

I shot him a smile. “Thank you, I was getting very thirsty from all that dancing.” I admitted.

“Oh, then allow me to find us a spot to sit down, we can go to my office.” Chris said taking the bait.

“But I wouldn’t want to be a bother.” I said with a hand over my mouth.

  “Oh, it’s no problem, follow me.” Chris said as he turned.

I winked at Ryder and followed after Chris.

Chris entered a large room much like Leroy’s. Before the door shut behind me, Ryder snuck in and hid behind a couch. Right when Chris turned to look at me I could see that all politeness was gone. He ran at me and pinned my hands above my head, causing my drink to crash to the floor. The other started running up my leg.

“Now you are mine Clare. You will be my new love slave. I can tell that you will be funner than the rest.” Chris said licking his lips.

I shot a look the way Ryder was hiding and saw him snap a pic. He gave me thumbs up. I snarled. “I’m tougher than I look!” I snapped and kneed him in an unmentionable place.

I released my hands and I punched him right in the nose. He fell back and blood came from his nose. Ryder grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door. We ran through the maze of party members and I heard the mayor yelling at us. 

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