I'm not a little kid!

Clare is really short and cute. She is always mistaken for a little kid, but she has a really odd job. She's a spy! What happens when Clare finally meets someone with the same job as her?


1. I'm not the only one?

Bang! Another victim falls. I watch as the class bully Kyrin slams a kid against the lockers face first. I feel sorry for anyone who got bullied by the jackass.  He goes around picking fights with people for no reason. It’s so stupid. I walk casually past them and keep going down the hall. I have a secret life my family didn’t know about. I am a spy. People hire me to find out just about everything like, if their wife is cheating on them, what the rival gang is up to or maybe even just to get a secret picture of your crush. I carry a camera around with me at all times. I have to keep my grades up or my teachers said I couldn’t wear my camera around my neck in class. I only work for adults and they pay real big bucks. I really love my job.

I stopped by my locker to grab my text books when something hit the back of my head. I swung around to find a guy behind me holding a straw. I felt the back of my head and found a wet spitball. I snarled.

“Who are you and why did you do that?” I asked glaring at him.

He looked like a pretty bad kid. He had black hair and bright green eyes. He was dressed in ripped jeans and a rock tee with a plaid outer shirt. He looked about 15 so…. He was my age.

“I’m Ryder, and you are?” He said studying me.

“I’m Clare, now will you tell me why you shot a spitball at me?” I asked.

Something about this guy annoyed me.

“I was just trying to get your attention. You seemed familiar and it turns out you are the person I thought you were.” Ryder said with a grin.

 I gave him a questioning look.

“I’ve seen you on the street. You are usually dressed in black when I see you though, but it’s really hard to forget those eyes of yours.” He said still grinning.

People had said that before about my eyes and sometimes even my hair. I have molten eyes and crimson hair.

“Wait what have you seen me do?” I asked just as the bell rang.

“Shit! We will continue this conversation later I can’t afford to miss much class.” I said.

Ryder nodded. I started walking toward homeroom and slowly opened the door. I could feel the entire class’s eyes on me. I slowly walked to my seat and listened to the lesson. In the middle of the lesson I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw Ryder sitting in the desk behind me. Ryder handed me a note.

It said, ‘meet me at the coffee shop after school.’ I nodded.

Class went by slower than usual and I grew very impatient. When class finally ended I headed out to the coffee shop with Ryder. When we entered the smell of coffee pretty much slapped you in the face. We found a booth and ordered. I got a cappuccino and Ryder got just black coffee.

“So what did you see me doing when I was on the street?” I asked.

“I saw you following some people around and snapping pictures and stuff. Once I even saw you stalking a gang.” He said. I nodded.

“You know that sounds just like my job…. I am a spy.” Ryder said.

I nearly choked. “You are too?” I asked.

“I thought I was the only one around this area.” I said.

Ryder shook his head. “I’m a spy. But it’s cool to meet another one. Maybe we should team up and work together.” Ryder said grinning.

I frowned. “I work alone” I said. Ryder looked shocked.

“But come on! You know you want to work with me.” His eyes looked pretty pleading now.

I sighed. “I guess I can try being your partner. But I will quit if I hate it.” I warned.

Ryder was beaming. “Yay! This is going to be so much fun!” He said with a lopsided grin.

When I got home I had to do my homework, and I don’t mean school work. I got my camera ready, grabbed a jacket and walked out the door. I still had one job to do until I was partnered up with Ryder. I sighed. I don’t really know if I should have even partnered up with him. I walked to the fridge and grabbed a coke. Plus Ryder looked like he got in trouble a lot. But…. He’s been really nice to me, he even walked me home. I walked out the door and into the darkness. 

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