Not a Love Story

Sophia and Kian were the it couple in high school. In high school they were even voted most likely to get married and now their some people's OTP on YouTube. Their parents are really close friends and having been urging this relationship from the start. Basically Sophia and Kian are together forever... Right?


2. I can't anymore

Kian's P.O.V-

I can't do this anymore. I can't act like we are going to be together forever. She needs to know I don't love her in that way even though she is still my closest friend. I'm in love but not with her. There is someone else. We have been secretly dating for the past few months. Only Ricky know about it.

I just can't stand to Sophia upset with me. If I can't love her like she wants to be love I'm going to have to act like I do and maybe I will.

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