What would happen if one direction met 5 best friends

20 year old Annabelle loves one direction music only. She doesn't hate the boys but she cant love them because she dose not know them. Annabelle has 4 B.F.F.L.A.D (best friends for life and death). Their all crazy just like her and love one direction but just like Annabelle they don't love them. Join Annabelle Taylor Mackenzie Savannah and Abby on a adventure they will never forget.


6. This is how long it take to play a game


                                                      Nobody's P.O.V 

                "WELL I DON'T CARE, WANNA PLAY I'VE NEVER EVER " Taylor screamed making everybody but Louis cringe , he just look at her in awe. "THAT'S WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY" Lou yelled making every body cringe again. "Will you too stop yelling" Zayn said in an annoyed tone. "Come on lets go play " Harry said shifting Mackenzie to his back. " Sorry if l'm heavy " Mackenzie whispered to Harry. "You, you  aren't heavy your as light as a feather." Harry whispered back. 

                                          Taylor's P.O.V 

           " Come on lets go." l said really loudly. Maybe l shouldn't have had that many boxes of CYFC (Chose Your Favorite Candy) its basically a box with lots of candy in it. " Whats wrong with you ?" Annabelle asked. " ls she hyper or something?" Niall asked. Realization dawned on their faces. Abby said to me very slowly " Taylor please tell me you didn't eat any boxes of CFYC.. I answered "If l said no that would be a lie and you told me never to lie." Exactly how many boxes did you eat" "Starting this month or today." "Taylor its March 1st " Zayn said. "OH then l have eaten 47 boxes. " l told them."WHAT" they all yelled." I ate 47 boxes" l told them again maybe their not as bright as l thought."Can we just play the game." Niall asked the same time Annabelle did. "JINX" he yelled. "The jinx machine is out of order please insert another quarter"Annabelle said back."Can we just play the damn game" Zayn yelled.      

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