What would happen if one direction met 5 best friends

20 year old Annabelle loves one direction music only. She doesn't hate the boys but she cant love them because she dose not know them. Annabelle has 4 B.F.F.L.A.D (best friends for life and death). Their all crazy just like her and love one direction but just like Annabelle they don't love them. Join Annabelle Taylor Mackenzie Savannah and Abby on a adventure they will never forget.


2. Meeting



                     ANNABELLAS P.O.V



           It was one of those days when you wish you wore your sunglasses but you didn't .My unusual green eyes didn't like the sun.I was walking back from the park when I heard a scream, not that, 'help, I'm being mugged' scream, but the 'OMG' scream.I was walking in that direction when somebody ran into me. We both fell to the the ground when , I looked up I saw the faces of One Direction peering down at me. I said calmly, "thanks for the help boys ". They seemed shocked. I guess they are not used to being talked to without screaming, I thought as I quickly got up to walk away. That shook them out of their little daze. Zayn I'm guessing said " what no O MY GOD its one direction"  I was about to answer him when suddenly screams started echoing. "Do you have somewhere we can stay" Liam said "just for a little while" Louis said. 'I'm to young to die" shouted Harry. "Please" said a voice I couldn't resist. Fine I shouted. "Lead the way they all" chorused and "hurry" Liam said. " This way" I said as looked behind us and east and west of us the only way we could go was north. I'm so glad my flat was in front of us . I  got my keys out while we were running so when we got there I would be ready. I looked behind us and saw the fan girls were gaining. I could see my flat we jumped over the steps and I unlocked it. We ran inside just as the fan girls crashed into the door.    



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