What would happen if one direction met 5 best friends

20 year old Annabelle loves one direction music only. She doesn't hate the boys but she cant love them because she dose not know them. Annabelle has 4 B.F.F.L.A.D (best friends for life and death). Their all crazy just like her and love one direction but just like Annabelle they don't love them. Join Annabelle Taylor Mackenzie Savannah and Abby on a adventure they will never forget.


5. Explaining


                                                              Abby P.O.V.



            " Wait how do you two know each other" l asked. Mackenzie answered " well me an Harry were childhood BFFs. But when Harry became famous we couldn't hang out any more because management didn't want us to". Liam asked "so she's the one you're always talking about" "WHAT" Harry said unconvincingly. Those to are going to get together soon.       

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