What would happen if one direction met 5 best friends

20 year old Annabelle loves one direction music only. She doesn't hate the boys but she cant love them because she dose not know them. Annabelle has 4 B.F.F.L.A.D (best friends for life and death). Their all crazy just like her and love one direction but just like Annabelle they don't love them. Join Annabelle Taylor Mackenzie Savannah and Abby on a adventure they will never forget.


1. Charaters/personality





                             NAME: Annabelle Lucky Chase                                                           AGE:20                                                                                           LIKES: shopping,food,Percy Jackson,coffee,sugar,purple                           and gold,avengers,and gymnastics                                                                                       DISLIKES: ex boyfriend, vegetables, twilight, green tea, lemon tea, her sister, her cousin         (Savannah's older sister)and the Muppets  


               NAME: Taylor Anne Cooney                                                               AGE:21                                                                   LIKES: shopping, photography, cookies, smiling, blue   and pink,brown sugar , bouncy houses,pranks,and batman

DISLIKES:mean people, liars, super man, and  smelly food


                           NAME: Mackenzie Joli Majors                                                       AGE:19                                                                                     LIKES: shopping,flirting, gold and silver,singing,                                       kittens, ice cream,and  cinnamon,                                                            DISLIKES: people who judge others, bossy people,                                       and natural disasters   


                  NAME: Abby Kathleen Rockwood                                                  AGE: 20                                                                                   LIKES : shopping, dancing, yellow and neon green, cupcakes,                                    bracelets,necklaces, lucky charms, and  sleeping in               DISLIKES: being excluded, excluding people, the smell of onions, cutting onions, and bullies                                              



               NAME: Savannah Grace Hensley  ( Annabelle's cousin)                   AGE: 20                                                                                     LIKES: shopping, painting, texting ,talking really fast,                              standing up for others,reading,weird words,sleeping in, her hair,and being vain                                                                                  DISLIKES: hugs cousin (Annabelle's older sister) her sister,                           fighting, and twilight  




                      NAME: MR.FINELY

                        AGE:69                                                                                    the girls next door neighbor 


                       NAME: DUDSLEY RIVERS

                        AGE:4 MONTHS


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