What would happen if one direction met 5 best friends

20 year old Annabelle loves one direction music only. She doesn't hate the boys but she cant love them because she dose not know them. Annabelle has 4 B.F.F.L.A.D (best friends for life and death). Their all crazy just like her and love one direction but just like Annabelle they don't love them. Join Annabelle Taylor Mackenzie Savannah and Abby on a adventure they will never forget.


4. Another meeting


      l quickly grabbed my baseball bat junie , don't ask me why l'll never tell OOOOOO song reference (perfume Kesha cool song)stay focused Annie it might be a crazed fan trying to get in. l quickly looked out the peep hole (yes l know my backdoor has a peep hole)to see my best friends and Dudsley. I opened the door the girls rushed in Taylor was the first to notice "Annie why do you have junie out" "l thought you guys were crazed fans " why would crazed fans be here?" Abby asked . Look behind me " O MY G NUTS WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE!"


                         Mackenzie P.O.V

I screamed "Harry"  then I leaped into his arms it took Harry a second to realize it was me.

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