The Concert Kiss

A girl named Annie has to go to a concert with her little sister when someone falls in love ❤️ will it be Annie or possibly her sister or maybe Zayn Harry Neil Liam, or maybe even louis.


5. the screaming girl

Zayns pov

"Annie" I yelled and ran in. I saw her sister trying to wake her up but her eyes were open. @makenna stop she is awake. "THEN WHY IS SHE STILL SCREAMING!" Makenna yelled at me. "Makenna you need to calm down." I walked over and sat down next to Annie and sat her up and rubbed her back and hand. She started to calm down and she stopped think she put her head down and started yelling "where am I? Who am I? Where is mum? Makenna are you ok?" I told her she needed too calm down. She still didn't know who I am or who Makenna is or he'll who she is "your name is Annie." I told her over and over again. "Where am I!?" She asked me "you are at my house it's ok."

Annie's pov

I was in a black room it was completely black then all the sudden it morphed into my old kitchen and my dad came in I yelled at him "dad what is going on?!" He didn't respond it was almost like I wasn't there. "Dad" I yelled again. All the sudden my devil of a mum walks in screaming and yelling all sorts of words some words I didn't even understand then something happened. My mom picked up a knife I went and stood between her and my dad she acted like I wasn't even there she went to put down the knife right threw me and my dad and I blocked it with my arm it cut right on the line or the p in perfect on both my arms it stated bleeding but then she stabbed agin threw my stomach and in to my dad's heart she just left the knife in him. I stated to cry then I saw him stop breathing I was done with being sad about my dad's death it was time to her angry u started to scream at myself in the mirror that's when I heard my sister start to yell at me "ANNIE WAKE UP!" Then I felt someone softly rub my hand then put their hand or my back and softly move it in a circle I woke up to a pair of soft sweet brown eyes. He told me to tell what had happened but I haut started asking questions I didn't know where I was who I was who they were it seemed my me amity had just been erased will it come back do I know these people I just don't understand this anymore. I almost want to go to my mother and tell her to kill but then I felt my chin sting and more blood poor down my arms the cut that had happened in my dream was there right there bleeding I felt someone softly pick it up kiss the palm or my hand and set a wash cloth on my arm the next thing i was in terrible pain I had a cloth on both my Arm one in my face and 3 or my back I had big whip marks on the back from when I was a kid they had gotten torn back opens some how I passed out from the pain.

Sorry for the short chapter again just having a little bit of writers block. Sorry the next one will he super long.

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