The Concert Kiss

A girl named Annie has to go to a concert with her little sister when someone falls in love ❤️ will it be Annie or possibly her sister or maybe Zayn Harry Neil Liam, or maybe even louis.


11. The crash


Chapter 11: The Crash

Zayns  pov:

We are on are way to the hospital. We just got a call saying Annie had been in a crash and was not stable. We pulled up in Harry’s land rover because she was in their car when she was in the crash. Harry was with us. We ran inside and asked the lady at the front desk what room she was in. The ladys name tag said her name was Marideth. “You can’t see her right now, unless you are blood related family.” She told us. “Let me in! Im her fiance!” I yelled at her being a little annoyed about it. “Only blood related relatives.” she said shooting me a glare. Makenna stepped up and said “I’m her blood related sister. Can I go see her?” “If you are her sister.” “Okay thanks!” she chirped and grabbed me and harry’s arms and we ran to her room. She was on the fifth floor in room B2. There were doctors in there. They made us wait outside of the door. We heard them talking about her. They said “we might have to pull the cord.” They said those exact words. I thought they were professionals! Makenna was crying into Harry’s Chest. Im pretty sure she fancied Harry i little bit. Then Louis came running up to us and said “I told them I was her brother. They let me up almost immediately.” Makenna heard him and ran up and gave him a hug, and started to cry into his shoulder. “Oh bae, what’s wrong?” Louis asked her. “They said “We might have to pull the cord” those exact words.” She told him. The more i heard it the more I got pissed off. I could tell Louis and Harry were both pissed off about it to. All the sudden Harry jumped up from his seat and slammed the door open. “Harry?! What are you doing!” Louis asked. Harry didn’t respond. Soon he was up in the doctor's face. “You are supposed to be a  professional! And yet you are still using terms like “pull the plug”! Do you have any idea how insensitive that is like what the hell! Who do you think you are. She is practically my sister! She is supposed to get married today! And you are just willing to let her die! You just might be the most insensitive person I know! See that man over there!” He pointed at me with his brows furrowed. “That is her fiance! And you are just going let her die on what was going to be her best day ever! What kind of person are you?! You are the one type of person i think it is okay to kill!” with that Louis ran in and grabbed Harry right as he was about to punch the doctor. “Zayn, I need your help!” Louis called to me. “Okay” I got up sighed and went to grab Harry. Thats when i saw the little smirk the doctor had on his face. I lost it i went up pushed him against the wall and started repeatedly punching him in the stomach until he started to cough of blood. “Zayn.” I heard a faint voice say. It was Annie she was awake.  She looked at me like I was a monster. “Annie, Its not what it looks like… I promise. He was going to let you die. Harry confronted him and after that he had this smirk on his face like he was glad you were gonna die. I lost it. I couldn't help myself…” i whined at her. “That doesn't give you the right to try and kill him! He might have internal bleeding now. He could be drowning in his own blood right now!” She sat up and then stood up. She was still really week. She went to grab his hand. I saw his eyes open he had something planned. Befor i could do anything he had a hold of his hand and we pulled her to the ground. This knocked her out cold. A nurse outside heard the noise and rushed in. The doctor closed his eyes are pretended he was knocked out cold to she saw Louis trying to hold Harry back and me just standing their right in front of them. She was horrified. She ran out out of the room and called the police. When they got their that arrested Harry and I. He did not handcuff louis but he still had him come down to the station to fill out a report. Soon Annie was awake soon. She filled out the report. She left out the part of me hitting him and so did louis. Annie said she woke up and saw him on the floor and then we walked in. Louis said he was on the ground when we got their and we all got their at the same time. Annie had just gotten up when we walked in and she just saw him laying their. She was not strong enough to hurt him anyways. They saved me. I dont know why Annie helped me though. She had every right to hate me for the rest of my life, but she didnt. After what she saw I would hate myself to. I do hate myself for it. I wish I had never came to help Louis. I wish I wouldn't have joined one direction.  Or do I if i never joined one direction I would have never met Annie. Maybe that would have been better for her. It would have better for her, not me. I shouldn't have joined. How can I be so selfish! Annie walked up to me and it was almost like she could read my mind. “You aren't selfish Zayn how could you know this was going to happen.” All the sudden after she said that she fell to the ground. I grabbed her off the ground to see if her heart was beating it stopped, she died.

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