The Concert Kiss

A girl named Annie has to go to a concert with her little sister when someone falls in love ❤️ will it be Annie or possibly her sister or maybe Zayn Harry Neil Liam, or maybe even louis.


4. packing up

Zayns pov " she is alright" the doctor said "you can both go see her but no one else got it" her sister started crying and laughing at the same time she burrows her head in my chest and gave me a big hug with this I realized they were closer than I thought she let go of me and ran into her sisters room jumped in and gave her a big hug while her sister was on the bed. She sat on the floor by her sister and toke her hand and kissed and cried this made my long held back tear spill I turned around whipped my eyes and sniffled a little then turned around and walked over to her I sat down on the chair and then her sister started to sing a little song. "Baby don't you worry I'm here don't you worry I'll always be here" Annie joined in "baby I'm here baby don't worried baby don't you cry baby I'll be here" they both started crying. She told me their dad used to sing that song to them when ever they would cry Makenna doesn't ever rennet being sing to because she was only 3 when my dad died. Annie told me. "The last thing he gave me where my shoes" after that her sister finally cracked. I could tell that Annie didn't know who I was because her eyes have been full of tears the entire time and then her sister blurted out "he is the one that saved you! He donated a 1/2 a pint of blood. She looked at me still not being able to tell who I was. She have me the kindest thankfullest cutest look with just her eyes then she whipped her eyes to see who I was then she said "why. Why? Why!" Then turned her head so she didn't have to look at me I responded quickly with a what? She look at her arm that said I'm perfect then looked at her other arm that said perfect mum and started crying harder then I have ever seen any one do before she got up off the bed she was still in her clothes she took of all the tubes they had stuck in her and she slipped on her shoes and then put on her hoodie that was covers in blood come on Makenna we are going to go he and pack some site cases and stay at Gavin's if we can then Gwen's. For a whole ok. She gave her sister a small fake smile and walked out.

Annie's pov

I heard crying and then my sister ran in and started telling me things she started singing dad's song I joined unnoticed he man sitting next to us what It meant and then she told me he is the one that donated and saved me gave him a very kind look to express how thankful I was then when I saw him I just wondered why he was the one that pushed me to do this then I started to cry as hard as I have ever done I got up because I was still in my clothes slipped on my hoodie which was covered on blood and then slipped ok. My shoes. I told my sister we were going to go stay at Gwen or Gavin's house for a while and she just said ok.

Annie what is going on?" My little sister asked as I rushed home and found some suit cases I told her she needed to stay in the car no matter what. I went and started throwing all of her clothes in 2 of the suitcases put some sheets in another then put my clothes in the last one and then threw them in to the back of the car I realized I had forgotten a necklaces that my dad got me as a kid and I went in and my devil if a mom had it in her hand I went over to her slapped her took my necklace and ran as fast as I could she grabbed my foot when I was just our of the house I fell on the cement and now I had a big gash on the bottom of my mouth and on the side of my face I was knocked out cold then it went black.

Makenna's pov

My sister was in a hurry but forgot her favorite necklace when she ran in I heard screaming and yelling then I heard a crash and I went to get out of the car but then I remembered what she told me I saw her run out she front door my mom grabbed on to her foot and she feel forward she closed her eyes and she was bleeding . I called Zayn with Annie's phone because she left it in their and Zayn had given me his number. I told him are address and he was their so quick he put me in the back seat after locking my mom in the kitchen and when he locked her in there she was screaming he ran out picked her up wedding style then set her in the back seat and asked were her Gwen's house was I told him I don't know but info know where Gavin's house was. We went there he was pissed off that we didn't call him when Annie was in hospital then he saw zayn carrying Annie he waited tell he set Annie down them walked over and pushed him back like how guys fight and zayn didn't push him back he stayed calm and told him to stayed focused on Annie. "I don't have a room for both of them we'll then she will have to stay with Gwen I called her with Annie's phone and told her what was going after I got her to calm down telling her that. Was zayn she have me her address and we brought Annie there she don't have room there either that was that zayn was pissed he took her to her house. The guys asked what had happend zayn went into the other room and told them while I got a warm cloth and put in on her chin and just dabbed it. Right then she woke up screaming.

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