The Concert Kiss

A girl named Annie has to go to a concert with her little sister when someone falls in love ❤️ will it be Annie or possibly her sister or maybe Zayn Harry Neil Liam, or maybe even louis.


3. leaving mom

I woke up from falling asleep on Gavin's chest. "Where am I?" I moaned. "Annie you up yet lazy bones!" He said all I did was grown then give out a little laugh. He said that to me every time I would wake up at his house after 9:00am it was noon... "Shit!" My sister is going to another concert today at 12:30 I have a half an hour I grabbed all my stuff and ran home to start getting dressed and get my little sister to walk in on my mom really pissed off. "Mom I swear I just slept in!" "No excuses Annie Elizabeth Worms!" She walked up slapped me a dragged me into my sisters room where she was crying. "IM SO SORRY MAKENNA!" She ran up and have me a hung she whispered in my ear "I was worried about you." "I'm so sorry sweetie." It will never happen again." Right then I felt a tug on my arm it was my mom. I'm supposed to call her mum but I went to L.A for a long time and I have like an American accent now. "I'm her mother not you so stop acting like it!" She screamed at me. I couldn't hold it in any longer. "Get off me bitch I hate you I wish you had died instead if dad! You are an awful person and maybe I wouldn't have to act like her mom if you did instead of acting like a bitchy baby!!" I screamed at her then pushed her into a wall when she tried to smack me agin I grabbed my head phones and iPod and slipped on some black skinny jeans a Bud Light shirt which had dark green writing on it it was black with a v-neck and then my dark green converse that I have had since I was ten that my dad gave me right before my dad died they still fit and they have holes and tear in them but it was the last thing I got from him before I screamed at him and ran out then when I came back to say sorry he was on the floor with a knife in his chest. Every time I put them on my eyes fill with tears. "We are leaving right now! Come on Makenna!" But it is only 12:15" "lets go! Now!" "Ok she said quietly back. You better be home tonight!" My mom screamed at me. I just flipped her off as I walked off she started to chase after me I grabbed my keys and picked up my 15 yea old sister ran as fast as I could to my car put her on locked her door and ran in to the other side got in a drive off before my mom could catch me. I started crying. We got their I dropped her off parked ran up to her and we went in.

Makenna's point of view

My sister is really fast I don't want to go home I didn't really even want to go to the concert seeing how much pain she was in. "I'm so sorry" she said to me in the car that just made me cry I was trying to hold back the tears so one of us could be their for the other one but now we were both crying.

Zayns p.o.v

I just can't sleep why was that girl crying why didn't she jump our of her car when she saw us? Would she be here this time? I have so many questions I don't know how to answer during the show i scanned the audience when he got to the front row I saw this girl with brown hair her eyes were puffy she had head phones on instead if listening to us. They were lime green beats she was in dark green converse and she had a bud light shirt on with dark green writing on it. She was wearing black skinny jeans. I know that is her I just know it. All the sudden all of his answers were answer other Shen one why was she crying with how beautiful she was?

Annie's p.o.v

I noticed one of the boys looking at me with a confessed face he was problem thinking I was a freak and needed to kill myself because I'm so ugly and pathetic and dumb I saw this ran out and told Makenna I would be back to go back stage because she actually needs someone 16 or older. I went to the bath room and found my pocket knife and on one arm I carved I'm perfect on the other side I carved perfect mum. Their was blood on my shirt but you could only see it certain part of my shirts the blood dripped on the en on my converse on to the white I realized I just ruined the last thing my dad ha given to me with my own petty feelings! I r was time to go back and meet the boys I put my head phones on whipped up all the bloods an the floor washed off the blood on my arm. I rushed back grabbed my sisters hand and we walked back stage I put on my black hoodie pit me hood on a went to the corner because they would never even look at me after the way that the one with black hair a a blonde streak in it. I was rubbing my arms unfortunately my jacket was more if a grey color then a black and it could see the bloods seeping threw I walked over and told my sister we needed to hurry up the black haired one me on stage saw my arms and grabbed my arms and lifted up my sleeve and saw all the blood ambit he didn't know why it said because their was to much blood he noticed I was getting more and more pale apparently I had cut a vein the ran and got a paramedic and he couldn't do anything about it their they cleans up both my arms and saw what they said my sister saw what my right arm said "perfect mum." She just totally broke down when she saw that they said they were going to call my mom I tried to tell them not to. They didn't hear me. "please don't do it!" I screamed this time they said ok.

Zayns p.o.v

Why did this beautiful girl do this to herself we'll she was at the concert even she needed a donor so her little sister offers to be tested to see if she could donate but she was to young the boys new I saw a girl and they finally clicked with the idea that it was her they all offers but they were the wrong type it was my turn tone tested to see if I could donate. My heart started pounding I felt my eyes fill with tears I held them back though. I was in their and I saw a green bar not a red one! I started crying out of joy they needed half a pint of blonde which I happily donated. I know I don't even know this Gil but she had a bruise in nth sides of her face give bruises on her arm like someone had grabbed her arm to hard she had a cut on her head from someone ripping out a chuck of her hair from pulling it to hard I was pretty sure it was her mom that did this she had the bruises on the same side that said perfect mum I don't think this was an acsedent I desided to talk to her little sister she said there was some stuff going on at home. The doctor walked out. "I have some news." Both of us stood up with tears in ours eyes.

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