The Concert Kiss

A girl named Annie has to go to a concert with her little sister when someone falls in love ❤️ will it be Annie or possibly her sister or maybe Zayn Harry Neil Liam, or maybe even louis.


2. Chapter two the first concert

"Oh my god I can't believe you get to go to that 1D concert!!!" My best friend Gwen shouts in my ear threw the phone. "I can't either I wanna kill myself please help me I can't do this..." I say to her. "All you have to do is.... Send me a video of Story Of My Life! Kk love you by Ann!" She hung up on me! I thought to my self what a bitch who does that! Right then my sister walked into my room in red jeans a 1D shirt that was black and had 1D in the middle written in white with a red outline. "Wow!" "Thanks!" She said all perky. She had a big poster in her hand "umm.. No we're not taking that poster we are in the front you will just dance and scream like everyone else. Got it!" "Yes mum!" She said sarcastically towards me. "You did known i could just go to my pierce the veil concert and leave you at my friends house right brat!" I said back. My walked in. "What in the hell is going on in her!" "Annie Want to go to her pierce the veil concert and leave me at her friends house!" Oh shut up baby!" I scream at my Makenna. You are taking her and that is that Annie!" My mom said to me. The entire time I was little I never got To go to concerts or anything like that now that in old I have to go to concerts I don't even like! I was thinking. But I cased tally said it out loud. My mom turned around and smacked me! " what the fuck mom!" I'm so sorry" she said in really soft voice and went to rub my face where the big red mark only face was. "Come one Makenna we are leaving. I'm going to have a sleep over at Gwen's house!" "No you aren't!" My mom said "I think I am." I snapped back. I grabbed my dark green converse and left. In the car Makenna asked me if I was ok because she saw a tear fall down out if my eyes. I quickly wiped it off. "Hey I noticed you called her mom not mum we're did your ascent go?" "I lost my voice a little and cracked it was just something that happened" I told her. She reached up and rubbed the big welt that was still on my face. I dropped her off at the doors and parked. When I parked u just put my head down on the steering wheel and cried so long the time it was over they were rushed out by their body guards into the cat next to me the one who had a blonde streak on his black hair saw me when I was still crying i didn't see him looking at me. Then they let all the fans out after their car was gone my sister came into the car and saw me crying I wiped away the tear and we went home I dropped her off and got all my stuff I called Gwen to see if I could hang at her house for the night. She said I couldn't because her parents were gone to I went over to my boy friend Gavin's house and he let me sleep there. " I never wanna go home again." I whispers in his ears u fell asleep.

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