Is it really you?


6. chapter 5

Chapter 5

Madison's POV

"Maddie don't move or the car will fall and we'll both die!" Harry said frightened. "I'd rather die than to be with a scumbag like you!" I yelled at him. I looked at him one last time. His face was palm and he looked so scared, but i didn't care. I opened the door quickly and just off the cliff without even thinking about Harry or my family.

Harry's POV

"No Maddie wait!!!!!" I yelled, but it was too late. She's gone. I lost her and it's all my fault. I should of never taken her to that restaurant. I knew that those two girls were going to be there, that's why I wanted to go. Man that was the biggest mistake I have ever made.

I quickly take out my phone and call 911. The police and ambulance came quickly and helped me out of the car. They told me to go inform her family what had happened and they were going to go down and find her body. I begged them to let me stay, but they insisted I go.

How was I going to tell her family. They we going to hate me after I tell them. I wouldn't doubt it cuz I hate myself so much now.

I'm now standing in front of her house terrified. I felt like turning around and going home, pretending like i didn't know anything had happened. I couldn't. I had to tell them. I ring the doorbell and her mom answers. That's when it finally hit me. I broke down crying and I couldn't stop. Her mom grabbed me in a tight hug. "What's wrong? Where's Madison?" She asked. "I...she's..." I studered. "She's what?" "She...died." This time we both broke down crying. I explained everything that happened and surprisingly she wasn't mad at me. "I'm going to call the police and see what happened," I said.

*ring ring*

"Hello. This is officer jones." "Hi officer. It's harry. Did you find Madison's body yet?" I asked. "Oh hi Harry I was just about to call you. We looked everywhere for her body but it's no where to be found." "WHAT?!" I yelled. I hung up and ran out of the house without saying one word.

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