Is it really you?


5. chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Didn't you guys break up like a year ago?" I asked Caroline. She was about to answer when she saw Harry walking towards the table. She ran away as quickly as she could so he wouldn't see her. "Sorry I took so long. Bad stomach." I didn't answer him. I just looked down at my food. Suddenly I wasn't in the mood to eat anymore. "Whats wrong?" he asked. "Nothing. But can I ask you something?" I said. "Sure. Anything!" "You would never cheat on me, would you?" I asked. "Why do you ask that? Do you think I'm cheating on you" he asked. "Well I don't know because some girl came up to me while you were in the bathroom and I realized it was your ex Caroline. When I asked her if she was your ex she gave me a confused look and said 'what do you mean ex.' Then when she saw you coming she ran back to her table." "Wow I cant believe you actually believe her. I would never go back to that old dumb woman. She's crazier than she looks. She's just trying to make something up so we won't be together anymore. Don't worry about it babe," Harry said. "I love you Harry. I just don't want anything to happen to our relationship," I said. "I love you too. You wanna leave now?" he asked. "Sure. Why not." As we were leaving the restaurant some girl came up to Harry. At first I thought it was Caroline, but it was some other girl I had no idea who she was.


"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" I yelled at the girl. Btw her name is Sabrina. "I just came to ask you something," Sabrina said. "Make it fast," I said. "When are you gonna divorce that chick so me and you can be together. WITHOUT HER IN THE WAY?" said asked me. "Well talk about this later!" I demanded. "Fine I'll call you later love you," she said and kissed my cheek.


Who was that girl and WHY DID SHE KISS MY HUSBAND!? I thought to myself. I dont care if it was on the cheek but WHY!? As we got in the car I started asking questions, "Who was that girl?" I asked. "Oh no one," he said. "She didn't seem like a no one to me." "She's just an old friend," he said. "Old friend? OLD FRIEND? Old friends don't just come out of no where and kiss your cheek especially right in from of your wife!" I screamed. He has no answer. "WHO WAS SHE!? I WANT THE TRUTH!" "Stop yelling at me. Yelling isn't gonna make a difference," Harry said. This time I was furious! I punched him into the car door while he was driving. HARD! He lost control of the wheel and we were spinning out of control. Last thing I knew we were stopped right on the edge of a cliff.......

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