Is it really you?


4. chapter 3

Chapter 3

Madison's POV

Harry and I chilled at the hotel room for about 2 hours watching movies. All of a sudden we hear a loud, weird sound. It sounded like a dying whale. Harry jumped up terrified. "WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT!?" he yelled going into the kitchen to grab a knife to protect himself from whatever that noise was. "Uhh...I think I'm hungry," I said laughing at how terrified he is. "THAT WAS YOUR STOMACH?" he screamed! " I almost had a heart attack!" "Woooah there. Calm down. Let's go grab some dinner before you actually do have a heart attack!" I said laughing. "Finnnnee.....I heard of a reallly good restaurant called Chama Gucha (idk if I spelled that right sorry lol). It's ALL meat and I know how much you LOVE your meat," he said giggling. "Aww you know me so well," I said giggling as well. "Then let's get going before the dying whale comes back!" Harry said.

***At Restaurant***

"mmmmm this is soo good!" I said stuffing my mouth with all different kinds of meat. "I knew you would like it here," Harry said to me. "How did you find out about this restaurant anyways?" "Uhhh....ummmm...a.friend told me about it." "Harry why are you shuddering?" I asked him. "Uhh... no reason. Will you excuse me I have to go use the bathroom," he said literally jumping out of his seat. I sat there alone for about 10 minutes enjoying my food. The food was soo good I didn't even notice some girl looking at me and giving me death stares. I looked up and glanced at her. She looked sooo familiar. Where have I seen her before? Before I knew it she got up and started walking towards me. She got up to my table and just stood there staring at me. "Uhh who are you?" I asked. "Im Caroline Flack," she said. Ohhhh now I knew where she was from. "Oh I know who you are now! You're Harry's ex right?" I asked. "What do you mean ex?" she asked me and gave me a confused look.

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