A New Life

Fresh starts aren't always good. Alex knew this from experience. Moving from place to place, state to state, Alex had moved more than most adults move in their whole life. Every time it was the same. Go to school. Come home. Move house...again. When she moved to L.A. She thought everything would be the same but she was wrong. This time it was different and she had no idea what L.A. had in store for her.


3. Tryouts

By the time the end of school bell rang, I let out a sigh of relief. I was I exhausted. The day was finally over. Until Zeke came up behind me reminding me we were watching the girls try out for cheerleading, supporting them supposedly. It seemed like a popular thing to do as the bleachers were busy with people. Cheerleading tryouts were on the sports field at the same time as the football tryouts. Despite the popularity of cheerleading I suspected that most people were here to watch the guys try out for football. I have to admit, it was fun to watch. As I watched the guys warm up, I recognised someone. The guy who commented on my car. I never got his name but something about him intrigued me but at the same time he annoyed me. I just couldn't get a read on this guy and that was frustrating. As tryouts began, I sat down on the bleachers with Zeke, Chris and a few other people I met at lunch. The girls warmed up and soon enough they were tumbling and doing different sequences. As the girls were performing like monkeys a tall thin blonde girl observed them, walking up and down with authority. I had to assume she was the captain. Zeke confirmed it "yeah that's Hannah, the head cheerleader and complete bitch. The typical bitch head cheerleader clique". I laughed to myself "just like every trashy teen movie". Zeke and Chris laughed with me. Out if the blue, we hear a scream. Everyone stops, including the football team. The scream originated from the mats amongst the cheerleaders. We try to see who got hurt but I didn't recognise her. Hannah breaks the tension "oh well you can try again next year" patting the girl on the head and telling people around her remove the girl from her mat because and I quote "she's getting in the way". Practice continued at Hannah's demand. The girls continued to do various stunts and tosses. Everyone else also went back to what they were originally doing. I didn't mean it to be so loud but I couldn't help saying it "wow what a total bitch". The noise must have carried because suddenly everyone is staring at me. In the past 48 hours too many people have been staring at me and it's starting to creep me out. I look at Zeke who is as wide-eyed as everyone else "what" I didn't understand so what I called her a bitch it couldn't be the first time she's heard it. Hannah marches over to me and stands directly in front of me. I stand up to face her "who the hell do you think you are? I am the head of the cheer squad. Show some respect." I didn't mean to reply. I didn't know what came over me I guess old habits die hard. "Well good for you but I will only show you respect ONCE you've earned it so if you don't mind I was watching the tryouts and you're kind of in the way" I nudge her to the side slightly so my view is no longer blocked. Of course I didn't really care whether I could see or not I just wanted her out of my face. Hannah's mouth dropped the floor, that look was always priceless. I smirked to myself victoriously. She didn't give up easily. "So you think running a cheer squad is easy, huh? I'll have you know I have earned respect" I could tell she hadn't finished but I couldn't help but interrupt her little rant "not from me you haven't". Now she was really pissed off which just make me smile more. She was about to scream when she suddenly lost all her anger "you know what, you're right respect is to be earned. How about you earn MY respect and tryout? That is if you can handle it". " I knew she was just trying to embarrass me so I decided I wasn't going to rise to it...initially. "I'm alright thanks, jumping around in short skirts really isn't my things". Hannah along with a couple of cheerleaders behind her started to laugh. "Oh I get it, you're scared, it's alright I would be too if I was a talentless loser like you". She pushed me too far. That's all I could take from her. "You think it takes talent to be a cheerleader, anyone can be a cheerleader" "prove it" I hesitated. "Fine". I hated cheerleading, why was I doing this. I walked down the bleachers over to the mat where the rest of the girls trying out where, still with all eyes on me. The guys on the field also stopped to watch the spectacle that was about to happen. I guess it's not everyday someone stands up to Queen bitch and her cheering minions. "So let's start with a basic move" Hannah has such a demanding tone. Her expression changes from anger to a big smirk. Suddenly she starts shouting all these different tumbles and flips that were considered 'standard procedure'. I did every move perfectly, like it was second nature. Hannah's as not happy. She continued to try and embarrass me. "So you're pretty good at tumbling" someone behind her interrupted "pretty good, she's amazing" Hannah gave the girl a death stare as if looks could kill. She continues "so you can tumble but the real question is can you dance?" I guess I've gone this far I might as well go all the way. She showed me the routine once and as she showed me again I decided the mimic her. I executed the moves perfectly as if she and I were synchronised. When I'd finished performing like a monkey for Queen bitch, I was standing directly in front of her. Smiled and said calmly (and victoriously) "see. It's simple". Everyone's jaw dropped and with that I walked away without a second glance back.

After an eventful day at school, I began my first shift at Mandy's diner. I briefly spoke to the owner, Mandy. She seemed really nice, friendly too. She handed me my uniform and took me through how everything worked, what I needed to do etc. Once she had finished, I started collecting dishes and taking orders. The diner was quite busy which was perfect for me because it kept my mind off other things like school and home...well it seems everything. When my shift ended Mandy's said I did really well. Her praise gave me the pick up I needed after the whole cheer incident. So much for being invisible. Now that's blown I guess it wouldn't hurt to actually make a real effort with Tori and Lacey and everyone else. It definitely couldn't hurt to have some people around, especially with Hannah on the rampage to destroy me. So I may have humiliated her in front of most of the school, she should grow up and learn not to treat people like dirt and expect no retaliation. Life's a bitch and since she hadn't got the message I guess I was the messenger.

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