A New Life

Fresh starts aren't always good. Alex knew this from experience. Moving from place to place, state to state, Alex had moved more than most adults move in their whole life. Every time it was the same. Go to school. Come home. Move house...again. When she moved to L.A. She thought everything would be the same but she was wrong. This time it was different and she had no idea what L.A. had in store for her.


2. Another Exciting Day

I had debated not going home since I knew it would just be to an empty house, but I didn't know the area so there was really nowhere else to go. Entering the empty house reminded me why I wanted to leave so much. We called ourselves a family but we didn't even come close to that idea. My dad was constantly working, my brother was away fight in the army. I had a twin sister Grace, emphasise on the HAD, I haven't seen her in two years since she got an early scholarship to go to some fancy college in New York. She was the smart one and I was happy for her, it's just I missed the company, especially since mum...

Bored out of my mind, I decided to switch on the tv and have my own movie marathon since I couldn't be bothered to unpack. What was the pint if dad was just going to make me move AGAIN. At some point I must have fallen asleep because I woke at 6am on the sofa with my hair in my face. I got changed into a pair of denim jeans, a light blue tank top with my leather jacket and converse quickly ate breakfast and jumped into my car. Another exciting day at school.

Second day and I already want to leave. At least I have English with Chris today. That's something to look forward to. I make my way over to my locker when I'm confronted by Tori with all her enthusiasm. She had to be a cheerleader, there was no way she could be that happy and not be a cheerleader. "Hi Alex, I missed you at lunch yesterday. What happened? I hope you didn't get lost". She looked concern for me as if we'd been friends for years. "Oh no it's fine I went for a short drive. Had to clear my head you know, first day got a bit overwhelming". She smiled like she did yesterday. Chris, Ashley and Lacey walked up behind Tori. Just as she was about to introduce me to them Chris interrupted, " So you ready for another wonderful day at Lincoln Bay High" I reply "As I'll ever be" trying to sound believable. Just as I was about to go to class, Tori speaks up "omg you guys know each other. Perfect. This means you HAVE to have lunch with us today. Please." She looks to me for an answer. I didn't know what to do so I just nodded and she (along with Lacey and Ashley) started jumping up and down. "Yay. Now we can introduce you to everyone and you make lots more friends. Make sure you meet us at the lunch hall. We will be sitting in our usual spot which is near the left corner. Don't worry you'll spot us. Well we'd better get going to class. See you at lunch." Lacey and Tori walk off in a happy mood as if they had just won a holiday to Spain. All I can do is smile to myself. I notice that Ashley and Chris hang around. They soon make their way to class too as I walk in the opposite direction. I was sitting in chemistry, I wasn't sure if I was regretting saying yes to Tori or not. She seems sincere about the offer, like it would have offended her if I had said no. But I can't help feel like I was forced into it. I promised myself I wouldn't get attached and I still stand by it. Who knows how long I'll be around. For all I know my dad could be planning to move us to Alaska or something like that. It's only lunch right. What's the worst that could happen? My thoughts were then interrupted as someone came running into the room. "Only 20 minutes late this time mr James, you're improving." The teacher muttered something else under his breath but I couldn't quite hear. "Just sit down and hope someone is willing to lend you their notes". Unfortunately the only seat that was available was the one next to me. Great chemistry just got a whole lot more fun...not. "Well we meet again. The name's Owen" he extended a handshake but I was reluctant to accept it. "Ok then forget the handshake, can I get your name at least, since we will be lab partners for the year". I look at him hesitantly but simply answer "Alex" quickly returning to my work. "So Alex. When do you want me to pick you up?" I look at him in complete confusion. "For what?" "For our date" I just continue to stare at him blankly "excuse me" "come on don't be like that. You like me I like you, there is chemistry between us so don't deny it so I'm gonna save you the trouble of flirting with me and just take you out". He refused to give up throughout the whole lesson "I don't know what you think you know about me but forget it, and for your information there is no chemistry except in this text book". With that I left for my next lesson.

As the day went on, nothing else of interest happened. Lunch rolled around quicker than I expected but I had decided to endure it. As soon as I walked in, I caught Tori's eye and headed over to her table. "Everyone this is Alex. She's new here so make her feel welcome." As I shyly wave at everyone, who are all just staring. Some say hi but most of them keep quiet. I take a seat between Tori and some guy. "So this is..." She goes round introducing everyone. I don't quite catch all their names but that doesn't seem to bother them. Chris appears from out of nowhere "so how's California treating you?" "Well I've been here for about four days so I can't really say much". A guy across the table the asks "how are you finding Lincoln Bay High?" He smiles at me. Tori mentioned that his name was Zeke (I think). "Well..." I was about to reply when my phone buzzed. I opened it up and it was a text from Grace, my twin sister.

Grace: how's life in California? Haven't heard from you in ages. What's happening with you? X

Me: not that bad, missed you. Feels like forever since we talked. How's New York? X

Grace: I know I know. Don't worry I might have some free time to visit soon and you can introduce me to all the Californian hotties ;) x

Me: haha very funny, that would be great. It will be like old times. X

I return to conversation at the table that seems to have moved away from me. Thank god. It's not that I don't like the attention it's just that they start asking questions which leads to more questions and soon enough they want to know everything. That's just not me...well at least not anymore. For the rest of lunch, I try to fade into the background. I was completely successful until Tori mentioned some sort of try outs. "I don't know if your interested Alex but cheerleading try outs are after school today. I'm gonna try out. I love it it's so much fun". I knew shes a cheerleader. Of course. She looks to me again expecting an answer "come on its a great way to meet people, guys too" winking at me. As if that was a convincer. This girl really doesn't know me. "No I'm good thanks. Cheering not really my thing." She sulks for a bit but perks up quickly "ok fine but will you come and watch Chris and Zeke are coming to watch. A few others too". I wanted to say no but there was something about Tori that I couldn't refuse. I gave into her and she squealed in excitement. I try to smile but cheerleading really wasn't my thing, whether it was participating or just watching.

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