Dealing With Death

Sequel to The Reason Sirius Doesn't Love Anymore. It has been six years since Belief's death and everyone is in their seventh year. Sirius still isn't the same. James and Lily are officially together and Severus is no longer tolerated by anyone but the Slytherins.


13. Fulfilling the Requirements: Part One

So Regulus left.  The friends took the list and copied him.  They weren't able to look at Regulus the same again.  They passed him on the stairs and they felt his confident air.  But they got to work on the list.  Sirius broke into Slughorn's supply closet, stealing the Veritaserum.  They planned carefully the night when they would take it.  Peter was going to "take" a sleeping potion, so he would be out cold.




"You have the sleeping potion?" James asked

"Yes," Sirius replied stiffly

"Good," James replied with the same stiffness

James stuck out his hand and Sirius dropped the bottle into his hand.

"Are you two ever going to get back to same way you used to be?" Remus rolled his eyes

"I don't trust him," James shrugged with a glare at Sirius

"Since Regulus, the person who kidnapped your girlfriend, said something about him," Remus pointed to Sirius, "having a secret he needed to tell you?"

"Yes," James glared at the both of them and went to sit by himself

"He will get over it," Remus promised Sirius

"Sure he will, Remus." Sirius rolled his eyes and left Remus to choose, yet again

And Remus went to sit by himself also, yet again.  He would sit down, start to eat and as he would eat he would sigh.  His friends were being ridiculous, but he shouldn't get involved.  They would get frustrated with him and then, well then, they'd be in the same situation plus their anger.  So, this was the best option, in his opinion.




Peter sat down next to James; determined to find out what was going on.  He had to get down to the bottom of this, this, this situation between the friends.  He was lost, which wasn't surprising since he was left out a lot.  But he knew he had to help them.

"Go away, Wormtail." James continued to eat ignoring pretty much everyone

"Come on, Prongs." Peter sighed

"Fine, sit down. Join me!" James said sarcastically with a wink at Remus

"Ah," Peter replied, "The surly wizard accepts a humble wizard's offer to sit with him."

"Wormtail, do not flatter yourself." James rolled his eyes

"Whatever you say, surly wizard." Peter laughed

"Wormtail!" James turned and glared at Peter

"Sorry," Peter mumbled under his breath after his eyes went back to their normal size

"Whatever," James said under his breath

"James," Peter sighed, "What is going on?"

"We've gotten ourselves into a fight.  Don't worry about it.  I mean just look at them." James replied pointing to Sirius

Peter followed the line of James' finger and James took the opportunity to pour in the sleeping potion.  Peter turned back, completely unaware.  James smiled inside, he was brilliant.  Or he felt brilliant as Remus would say.  Everyone knew the only thing James was brilliant at was Quidditch.  Whatever.

"I guess you're right." Peter shrugged and they spent the rest of dinner in silence

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