Dealing With Death

Sequel to The Reason Sirius Doesn't Love Anymore. It has been six years since Belief's death and everyone is in their seventh year. Sirius still isn't the same. James and Lily are officially together and Severus is no longer tolerated by anyone but the Slytherins.


6. Charms

Sirius looked at Lily, stood up, and walked away.  Lily sat there, on the ground furrowing her brow.  She looked down at her lap and saw a sparkling piece of metal.  She picked it up.  It must have fallen out of his pocket.

She examined it.  The bracelet looked like it was made of sterling silver.  It had five charms.  The first pair were diamond encrusted silver four leaf clovers.  The second pair were roses, also silver and in the center of the petals was a diamond.  The final charm were the silver initials SB and BW entwined together.

Lily gasped, this must have been a Christmas present from Sirius to Belief.  The only present he ever was able to give her.  She put a hand to her mouth and began to sob.  She could not stop.  She wasn't going to be able to go back to class.

She knew that Sirius was heading back there, but she couldn't handle it.  She needed every chance that she got to be alone so she could cry.  No one cried around other people, that was not the way her mother raised her.

Suddenly she heard someone walk around the corner.  She whipped up off the ground and dried her cheeks.  Sirius appeared in front of her, hand held out.  She gently placed the charm bracelet in his open palm.  She closed his hand and he looked up at her, a confused look on his face.  She gave a reassuring smile, he turned, and walked away.

As soon as the sound of his footsteps disappeared Lily fell back to the ground, tears already pouring down her cheeks.  Her wails echoed like Sirius' screams had.  Soon a comforting hand was on her shoulder.  She didn't know who it was but she leaned into his chest, crying her eyes out.

His hand moved around to her back.  His hand began patting her back in a rhythmic pattern.  Her eyes closed but she was still awake.  She didn't want to be in reality right now, so she didn't care about what was going on.  Nothing mattered at this second.  Not to her anyways.

This was her finally letting go.  Finally not caring what anyone else thought.  Not Potter, not Sirius, not Remus, not even Severus.  They didn't matter right at that moment.  All that mattered was grieving over the loss of her best friend.  She didn't care who this guy was, she honestly didn't care if Severus came by and saw her like this.  She was giving in to all the pressure she had been put under.  She was giving up.

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