The best dream ever

So basically this a story of a ordinary girl who meets her love Harry styles. And they fall in love


2. chapter two

Again I couldn't believe what happened, I nearly died, I honestly couldn't believe what he said I was his girlfriend eekk!!! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I walked into the sitting room trying to act as normal as possible, Harry said "you okay love?" He said worried "yeah, fine, why do you ask?" I said "just wondering" he said shocked. "Want to do something today?" I asked "yeah sure" "okay, I'll go and get ready" I said walking into my door "ah, man that hurt!" I said rubbing my head "you okay?" Louis asked curiously "eh yeah" I tried to act brave then I walked into my room crying then I quickly got changed into leggings and a jumper, I walked into the sitting room dodging the door this time and shoving my shoes on "ready yet?" He said impatiently "yup, come on!" We walked up to his car which looked so expensive I was scared to even look at it Incase I broke anything anyway Harry said he didn't care that I was the most clumsiest person possibly that ever exists. I got into the car and Harry said we where going to one of his most favourite places the baking brother. I ordered a hot chocolate and a big fudge cake and Harry ordered a fresh orange juice. I felt so fat. Harry took me shopping and nearly bought me the full shop, he is loaded with money. We walked to his car and I had so much bags that they wouldn't fit in his enormous boot so we had to squeeze them in the car we walked up to the house and the paparazzi where there they stole my watch and my phone I told Harry and he got my phone and watch off them I felt so loved.

Harry was the most caring boyfriend you could ask for but I hope he realises that I have to go back home sometime and we both have very different lives I'm a normal girl who lives in Glasgow and he's a big time pop star from homes Chappell. There's no possibility that we can stay together forever and even worse he was going on tour next Wednesday. I was devastated and my mum was wanting me to come home this just wasn't going to work but we loved each other. So we where going to loose each other after just being together for two weeks, I knew exactly what I need to do, what I always do when I'm stressed, phone mum. Mum answered the phone and I told her everything and I remembered I bought tickets!!!! I bought them for Edinburgh and Harry said I could switch them for an ultra tour that means I would be on the bus with the boys!! But I said I had promised my little cousin&sister they would be devastated and I couldn't do that to them. Harry said they could come with me! I phoned my little sister and then my little cousin and they couldn't wait! "We"re leaving on Wednesday at 6" said Harry and so I needed to ask mum to drop them down. Mum was fine with the idea.

It was Tuesday night and the girls where already here Louise had already fainted twice when Louis hugged her, what will she be like meeting Zayn I better get an ambulance on speed dial!

It turned out it was just through shock.

Louise's P.O.V

I just love Mia so much I'm so so glad she asked me to come here me and Eva where buzzing when we found out! And still I've fainted twice and I'm going to the whole tour this is nuts!

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